Sun squares Jupiter, Mercury squares Chiron and Neptune, Mercury trines Juno and Uranus

We stand under a profoundly alchemical climate and this is likely to be a definitive week in many respects. On Nov. 15, 2009, [deep in the womb of the New Moon,] on Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn; followed by the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 16, 2009.

Today as the Leo Moon squares the Scorpio Sun, to me this seems to be pointing to need for an inner death of ego as we move towards a phase of re-birth. Only once we are able to purge our own demons, can there be resurrection on spirit. Coming up, we have a busy sky over the next couple of days. On Tuesday, the Sun in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Aquarius, Mercury squares Chiron and trines Juno; followed by a trine to Uranus and square to Neptune on Wednesday.

With the Sun-Jupiter square, the energy could feel a bit overwhelming. It could feel like going back and forth between wanting escape something, to the acute awareness of what is ending. Beware of the tendency to over-exaggerate in situations. There seems to be a need for internal resolution between freedom and commitment. At best there could be a growing sense of expansiveness if we are able to surrender our attachment to pain.

With Mercury making aspects to planets, we are likely to be having important conversations. The squares to Chiron and Neptune are asking for inner reflection of wounds and resolving doubt internally. Own up to any issues of mistrust rather than project them and when in doubt — ask. The aspects call for being in no denial and being absolutely honest with oneself above all.Question your suspicions, truthfully without projection or fear.

There may be painful personal realizations to deal with of one’s own wounds. But only in becoming aware of our own wounds can we begin to heal them. Rather than blame circumstances or wallow in self-pity. As we head towards the New Moon this is a time for renewal and purging the past.

As Mercury trines Juno and Uranus in Pisces, there can be surprising developments that come through if we can dare to be honest. In Scorpio these are likely conversation surrounding sex, life, death and our deeper attachments — the things we don’t usually talk about.  There may be heavy and scary feelings to confess to. But if we can push through the hesitation, there could be an surprising outpouring of emotion. This could lead to an increasing depth and trust, in our deepest emotional bonds.

— Priya Kale, NYC


A very happy birthday to my dear brother, Apoorva!


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