Sunshine after the Storm…: Cancer New Moon, Sun in Leo, Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo

Expect a sea of changes to flood your life in the days and weeks to follow. We’re now past a powerful Cancer New Moon setting us sail full steam ahead on a new adventure.

Only a couple of hours before the Cancer New Moon on July 19, 2012, Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries, triggering the Uranus-Pluto square which recently blasted us awake to reality. This was an emotionally volatile, bloody aspect — something as an astrologer, I never want to be able to predict. Sadly the shooting in Colorado the day after the lunation mirrored the sky.

As tragic as the event was with irreplaceable loss of life, what is happening now in this incident, in the world and in your life personally — is sparking a chain reaction of events the magnitude of which we may only understand in hindsight 3 years from now once Uranus and Pluto complete their series of squares.

The first Uranus-Pluto square that culminated last month came as a storm. We are in a pivotal point globally, politically and personally, asking us to awaken to our integrity as we let go of the conditioning of the materialistic world we’ve built that now threatens the very essence and core of our humanity — our ability to feel and empathize with our fellow humans.

Anger, pain, sadness, frustration, love, fear, desire are all simply emotions. It is healthy to allow yourself to feel all of them rather than suppress them. But in awareness we can choose not to “act” on the more destructive emotions. Then there can be a release of painful emotions leading to a breakthrough, creating space for healing.

The simplest way to follow astrology as it relates to your life would be to follow the cycles of the Moon. A New Moon signals a time for new beginnings. And the Full Moon will bring a revelation of the seeds we sow at the time of the New Moon cycle, showing us what we need to learn as we prepare to renew again at the time of the next New Moon cycle.

Look back at what occurred around the time of the Capricorn Full Moon two weeks ago on July 3, 2012. This lunation brought darker realities to confront. Where we were in denial or perhaps a little too naive, it may have felt like being shocked awake. Now as we begin this new cycle, let these revelations sink deep into your understanding; then we can make a fresh start and break free of old patterns, especially in relationships.

The Cancer New Moon also squared Saturn in Libra, suggesting we’ve turned a difficult corner in relationships. But the square represents an internal acknowledgement of one’s feelings and understanding of personal boundaries. Relationships require an equal balance of compromise, give and take, mutual respect and space for both people to have their needs met; without which there will continue to be an imbalance, breeding resentment or worse causing deep emotional wounds.

Saturn is now making it’s final pass through Libra, asking that we learn the lessons of the past two years asking for balanced relationships, and we learn them well. Relationships are being tested to the limit, but this is also an incredible opportunity to bring about lasting changes if we desire them and are willing to do the work needed.

We teach people how to treat us. Once we are able to take responsibility for our needs, we can choose the relationships we wish to nurture, with healthier boundaries. Be careful of jumping into anything head first without understanding motivations and intentions, or you could get burned. If something is real, it will stand the test of time.

Soon Mars will conjunct Saturn, completing a two year cycle in relationships and beginning a new one. There is still time to acknowledge your role in the creation of relationship dynamics and take responsibility for them. Then you can begin to change them consciously.

Currently Mercury is in Leo, where it stationed retrograde on July 14, 2012. It will station direct on Aug. 8, 2012, returning to the point it first occupied in the sky on June 27, 2012 when it first entered shadow phase.

Look at what began to emerge in your life then. We are now retracing our steps and conversations to reach a deeper understanding of what unfolded in the first half of July. There is the potential to reconnect with people and clear up misunderstandings. But first be honest with yourself and have the courage to admit your mistakes. Only then can there be a discovery of (perhaps a more heart-warming) truth.

I recently read somewhere: “truth without love is destructive and love without truth is deceptive.” But we can lie to the world, but we can’t lie to ourselves. And once we are honest with ourselves then it is easier to be honest with those we say we love.

On July 28, 2012 Mercury joins the Sun in an “inferior” conjunction, while in retrograde motion. This is a deeply introspective aspect asking that we be very honest with ourselves (and others) even if it means admitting we were wrong. Especially in matters of the heart be aware of how your defenses, ego, pride might get in the way of your desires. In some cases this might even bring a change of heart as we reach a deeper understanding of a situation and ourselves.

For now with the Sun in Leo, this is the sunshine after the storm. Yesterday the Sun entered Leo. This is the sunshine after the storm. Look at where you have Leo in your chart — this is the part of your life that is being lit up over the next 4 weeks. There are important truths coming to light and almost certainly it will require courage and an open heart if we are going to make the most of the opportunities coming our way.

In the words of Confucius: “Where ever you go, go with all your heart…”

— Priya Kale, NYC


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