Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Report

I have just uploaded the Aquarius Full Moon report to the site. If you are subscriber to the monthly service please log in and click this link to access the file now.

Here is an excerpt —

“As much as Aquarius is the sign of the collective it is also the sign that is shockingly individual and unique. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is the planet that pushes boundaries and breaks rules. Its energy is electric, hence its (sometimes shockingly) unpredictable nature.

“We need to be careful now of projection of others and especially false distortions of ego and pride. There can be a lot of confusion surrounding lies that we’ve told ourselves about the truth we are not willing to confront. There needs to be a huge level of detachment when dealing with people or personal desires. Encourage honesty in all your relationships with the backdrop of conscious acceptance, even if you don’t feel the same way. Only when we can be truthful about where we stand can we be free to make informed decisions about where we want to go next.

“Wherever we have Aquarius in our chart is where we long to be free to express ourselves. People with Scorpio or Scorpio Rising have the eclipse taking place in their fourth house IC which describes their innermost nature and needs for emotional security. The few that do manage to penetrate their private world get to see their weirdly magical side and need to be a part of a greater whole. They need total acceptance from the people closest to them and discovering new places almost always brings a feeling of emotional liberation.

“But with freedom comes responsibility and we need to maintain a connection with a core awareness. We are likely going to come into contact with a lot of bizarre psychic energy and your experience of this eclipse will depend entirely on your ability to tune into your own intuitive emotions. Neptune and Chiron can be just as chaotic and as it can be electrically enlightening.

“Look at the people around you, in your life. This could be your relationship with society, family or any group you associate yourself with. How much are you a leader and how much are you a follower at the expense of your inner truth? Are you free to express yourself in your relationships, sexually? Emotionally? If not what stops you from being yourself? ”

— Priya Kale, Aquarius Full Moon Report, Aug 16, 2008

Click this link to read the full-length report of 1700 words.

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