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Earlier today (Sunday Mar. 26, 2011) Venus made a conjunction to Neptune in Aquarius casting a strange spell in the cosmos.

Love is in the air. But can you trust it? Can you trust yourself? Normally it could be easy to be starry eyed and idealistic under this aspect. But the approaching Jupiter-Saturn opposition in Aries and Libra (exact on Mar. 29, 2011) is grounding the energy with a sold dose of reality.

Each person has his or her own unique ideas about love and romance. But Aquarius suggests, there is nothing ‘normal’ about love and relationships right now.

Rather than project mistrust, acknowledge it. Be clear about what you want in your heart and speak honestly. Only in love, acceptance, detachment and celebrating differences can we cross the space between our hearts and souls.

Soon after the conjunction today, Venus slipped into Pisces and will transit through the sign over the next 3 and half weeks. Venus is exalted in Pisces, increasing a flow of creativity, love, desire and ethereal beauty. This could bring an experience of blissful ecstasy and a divine kind of love that crosses space and time, ever present in the eternal “now,” if we seek it. External beauty fades, seek depth. Only love is real.

With Mercury slowing down to a halt in Aries, communication is likely to slow down as well. But now would be a great time to get clear on what you want. With Uranus newly in Aries, its time to review old, limited ideas and a limited to discover deeper a core truth and/or identity.

It would be wise to be open-minded and curious, rather than think we know everything, because we don’t. And Mercury’s retrograde station on Mar. 31 with other aspects culminating is due to bring a burning truth to the surface.

A day after the New Moon on Apr. 3, 2011, Neptune ingresses Pisces and transports us into a rather surreal world. On the same day Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries, suggestive of the tremendous force with which this ethereal energy is being blasted into our consciousness. This could be a pure adrenaline rush and/or an ecstatic high.

Over the coming days, ask your self, “Who am I?” Answer that, and the rest will be surprisingly clear.

— Priya Kale, Mar. 26, 2011


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