Weekend Astrology: Mars semisquares Pluto, Chiron stations direct, Mercury trines Chiron and squares Jupiter

Buckle up, we’re in the final stretch of Pluto in Sagittarius and aspects this weekend are heightening the feeling of a grand climax. Around 11AM this morning in NYC, Mars make its final aspect to Pluto in Sagittarius before their conjunction in December.

By this time both planets will be in Capricorn, marking a new two year cycle. A semisquare can be a subtle warning, only there’s not much about the energy that’s subtle right now. Mars and Pluto are both rulers of Scorpio, the Sun is in the sign and we are heading towards a New Moon in the sign early next week. With all that Scorpio you can be sure things are going to get a little intense and we’re coming up on a few major shifts.

This a closing aspect suggesting a time of release and its time to take a look back on these two years and see how far we’ve come. What are you carrying that needs to be let go of? Mars in Scorpio suggests we look at all toxic emotions, negativity, patterns of abuse, addiction, rage and look at the lessons we’ve learned over this past cycle. Then ask yourself what you want to carry with you in this new world we’re stepping into. Pluto in Sagittarius is a reminder of the greater truth that you are reclaiming in your life.

This could also manifest in the release of deep sexual energy within intimate relationships and an understanding of what stands in the way of being able to receive the kind of intimacy we desire. There may be issues surrounding desire, possessiveness, guilt, resentment, lies, betrayal, attachment, obsessiveness and the tendency to engage in a power struggle. Again, ask yourself what it is that you are really trying to achieve for yourself in your life and relationships? What do you want to carry forward and where is it that you are trying to go? Like a square this is an internal adjustment and a sort of a last chance to get things resolve things, before its too late.

Love is certainly not something we can control or possess or cage. We really can’t control anything or anyone in this world other than ourselves and we don’t even do that very well. Which is the real lesson of Scorpio — surrender. Complete, total, utter surrender to the unknown with the trust that you are moving towards the light. Whats the point of having light at the end of the tunnel, if we are going to continue to stay rooted to the spot in fear? Pluto in Sagittarius suggests we are looking over a new horizon and its time to let go of old emotional baggage that stands in the way of the kind of relationships that truly transform the soul.

On Saturday Chiron stations direct in Aquarius strongly portending of a collective awakening. We’re already seeing in the news in the world and things are going to quicken even more starting now. Chiron is a planet whose energy is so hard to describe, yet so visceral and undeniable in its effects. It really does form “the rainbow bridge” between our physical bodies to our higher consciousness. The best and easiest way to understand its effects is to observe them in your chart. Look at where you have Aquarius in your natal chart and observe what or who is awakening in your life.

Chiron turned retrograde on May, 25 this year giving us a pause for inner growth, healing our insides by taking a perhaps painful look at the truth. The more we have been able to be honest with ourselves over these past months the more rapid the process of liberation and healing can now be. With Chiron, any denial will manifest in a continued downward turn towards chaos and the only way out is awareness, no matter how scary or difficult. Mercury has now stationed direct and is making its final pass through this part of the zodiac and it trines Chiron and squares Jupiter on Sunday.

What we’re dealing with now, we’ve been over twice before and now the third may just be the charm. Its almost as if the heaven are opening up and someone is listening. Chiron is also conjunct the North Node telling of the work of a greater destiny tugging at us with its unseen hand. The willingness to speak the honest, bold, truth is the key to much healing within our relationships. We may finally be able to reach that balance and understanding if we are willing to ‘go there.’ Something or someone is trying to wake us up to a truth if we are willing to listen. Trines open up a flow of energy: a door you’ve been knocking on may be unlocked, but maybe you just need to turn the knob to discover its open waiting for you to walk through.

Aspects suggest we need to open the door and floor for true communication and justice. As Mercury squares Jupiter, we are getting a final chance to turn a corner over any looming sense of authority telling us what we can and cannot do. If we listen carefully, these are inner critical voices and mental blocks that can be navigated around. If we are willing to be flexible we can chart a course based on mutual trust, understanding, co-operation and awareness of allowing each person the freedom of being unequivocally themselves. And of course an awareness that we are all evolving.

There’s obviously a lot going on this weekend, the Moon is now in Virgo where it will stay until late Saturday night in the NYC and then move into Libra for the rest of the weekend. With the Moon in Virgo and the intensity of aspects avoid critical tendencies or trying to analyze emotions too much. Channel any nervousness into doing something constructive — cleaning may help. I’m going to working through the weekend but will be back with the New Moon report late tomorrow. Go easy on yourself and I wish you a very Happy Diwali!

— Priya


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