Deep Sea Diving: Sun sextiles Jupiter, squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, heading to the Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse


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Hopefully your head isn’t spinning too much from the events of the past week. The Mars-Neptune square although brief wasn’t easy and we may still be shaking our heads in disbelief at some of what has transpired. Currently the Moon is in Aries, which has been a wake-up call over the past few days; pushing us into action as we head into the Last Quarter phase of the Moon, towards the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on July 1, 2011.

But the Moon enters Taurus at 4:52 PM EDT and will remain in the sign through the weekend, making for some much needed grounding, showing us what and who in our world we can count on when the going gets rough. The Moon leaves the sign at 3:55 AM EDT on June 28, 2011 when she enters Gemini.

This weekend, the Sun makes aspects to Jupiter and Uranus suggesting there is clarity and support on offer, making way for a few unexpected breakthroughs. If you are bold but wise, you could make a big splash.

On Saturday at 7:54 PM EDT the Sun sextiles Jupiter in Taurus, asking for fluidity but also grounded wisdom. We could be learning something rather valuable that brings clarity and deeper solid perspective on a situation that has been anything but easy to make sense of. But this is also a rather fertile aspect, showing us resources and support available, if we can recognize the value of what is being offered.

As the Sun squares Uranus on Sunday – this is likely to bring unexpected developments that catch us unaware, pushing us way out of our comfort zone. There’s likely to be raw emotions, so be gentle with yourself and others. Be patient if someone seems to be having an emotional outburst, rather than getting triggered right into it.

There could be an increasing desire to break free of something but avoid over-reacting to a tense situation or exaggerating fear. A square suggests an inner breakthrough, rather than external one. What we really want is the freedom to “be” our selves without the fear of being judged or abandoned.

Acknowledge your feelings, even the irrational ones; you could be discovering desires you didn’t know existed. And if we don’t know ourselves wholly yet, how can we expect to know or judge another person or what a situation holds.

With the Moon in Taurus at  (where she is exalted,) also making aspects to the Sun and Jupiter: ground yourself in what is real, find emotional depth and you can make the changes necessary in awareness of the support available. Jupiter’s aspect to the Sun is asking for wisdom, common sense and solid perspective over the coming days. Focus on your values and the people you value; loyalty is a big factor within relationships right now.

And the relationships that make it through this season will be those that can move with the natural ebb and flow of life. And what we most need and can have are relationships that can weather the storm, but it means learning to compromise, and appreciating the value of what we have and being grateful for the gifts we are given.

On Monday, Mars in Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries, offering the courage to have honest conversations about what we truly desire and want to happen next. Also Uranus is in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars – with Mars currently in Gemini, the aspect to me suggests we get out of our heads and push through our own mental boundaries to achieve, what some would say is ‘impossible.’ Only the truth can set us free; but truth without compassion, can be painful and defeat our purpose.

Be honest and gentle and as the week progresses, and focus on what you want to bring about. There could be a huge transformation in circumstances offering a clean slate and a new start.

With the Sun in Cancer approaching an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday, be aware we are reaching the end of the road with one chapter. Which to some may feel like the end of the world or reaching rock bottom. But the less we cling to a situation that is evolving or try to judge it, the easier it will be to flow with the changes.

What is real can never leave you, but let go of your attachments to superficial conditioning that prevents you from experiencing greater success, deeper pleasure and intimacy. Especially let go of the ideologies that belong to parents, society or the culture you grew up in.

We are evolving towards a deeper more emotive, intuitive understanding of the world we live in and the people we care about, without words and rules that get in the way of true communion.

It is true a chapter in our lives is ending but the New Moon and Solar Eclipse at the end of next week, is a reminder that every end is but a new beginning. We’re going deep sea diving this week, but the more we can release negative emotions and fear we can re-birth to express ourselves more wholly.

There are greater treasures waiting to be discovered, emotionally as well as materially. Don’t be afraid to dive deep.


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— Priya Kale, NYC. June 24, 2011.




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