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Dear Friends,

We are slowly coming down from the energy of a potent and powerful Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Later tonight at 8:42 PM EST, December 13th, 2011, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) stations direct in Sagittarius — the opposite sign from Gemini.  There have been revelations no doubt, and the energy has been polarizing to say the least.

As Mercury comes to a halt before it moves forward again tomorrow, we are standing in the space between the past and the future. Take the time to pause and pay attention to the insights coming through over the next few days.

Although there has been a “retreat” or wanting to after the past few weeks, trust, we’ve gone as far back as we can with a situation. Now as we learn more information we can begin to move forward again on our journey with greater clarity, understanding and a new perspective on a situation that had us feeling split in two.


Serendipity, Illusions and Reality | Venus, Mercury in Sagittarius; Mars opposes Neptune; Aquarius Moon

A Quick Note — The Blog post you received yesterday from August 2011 was in error, and in all honesty I have no idea how that happened. Given its Halloween and we are soon entering Mercury shadow I can only chalk up the weirdness to the current energy.


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Dear Friends and Readers,

Today, Venus and Mercury (currently in close conjunction) enter Sagittarius and both planets trine Uranus in Aries tomorrow.

Expect surprising developments in financial matters and personal relationships. It may feel like we are pushing our luck with certain situations and its always good to know how far is too far. Especially financially if you’re watching your budget be careful of impulse buys.

But still the aspect is calling on us to push through our boundaries and trust. If go beyond at least a little of what we would normally consider our safe limits, we could be pleasantly surprised.

There may be unexpected opportunities to travel, perhaps blazing creative insights or sudden passion igniting. There is a sense that there is no limit to what is possible or can be achieved, if only we can dare to have faith in our vision. Be open to changes rather than resist them, they could be more serendipitous than you currently realize.

Venus will remain in the sign until Nov. 26, 2011, while Mercury enters shadow phase tomorrow on Nov. 5, 2011 and will station retrograde at 20+ Sagittarius on Nov. 24, 2011, station direct on Dec. 13, 2011 and finally leave the sign on Jan. 8, 2012 when it enters Capricorn.

Over the past month or so, Venus and Mercury have been traveling in close conjunction to Scorpio asking us to let go of darker perceptions, attachments and past resentments to discover a deeper unchanging underlying reality. This may not have been an easy process, but the truth is coming out now. Especially look to the dates surround the retrograde phase which will bring important clues into the bigger picture.

Meanwhile Mars is approaching in an opposition to Neptune exact on Nov. 7, 2011 and there’s bound to be a certain amount of fog in the air. Anytime Mars and Neptune make ‘hard’ aspects we are be forewarned against deceit, denial or general fog and confusion. There is a level of discernment and awareness called for as we proceed.

Especially in Leo-Aquarius it may be easy to get starry eyed, fall for a fantasy or project a false persona. But the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves but as long as there is self-awareness and one is paying attention, there is nothing to fear and it will be pretty clear to see through to the truth.

On a personal level there may be a sense of feeling like we have to put on a brave face, or brace for rejection. But if acceptance is what you seek, remember vulnerability, courage and confidence is a lot more attractive than false bravado, defensiveness or the ego to mask one’s insecurities.

Also today the Aquarius Moon squares the Scorpio Sun bringing us to the First Quarter Phase reminding us to maintain a healthy level of emotional detachment, rather than struggle to control a situation too much.

For all the fog in the air, by the time of the Full Moon in Taurus on Nov. 10, 2011 we will know what is real, dispelling the darker fears we’ve been confronting. With the Sun in Scorpio and all that is unknown right now, the thought of reality can be a scary thing. But it is wo/man who rejects half of all reality that which s/he deems ‘bad,’ ‘wrong’ or considers ‘evil;’ but reality is the “whole” and all of creation is indeed divine.

As Venus ruler of Taurus passes through Sagittarius she forms a mutual reception with Jupiter currently in Taurus. In matters of the heart and with financial situations, be philosophical, patient have faith and be willing to rise above perceptions to see the bigger picture and deeper solid potential in something.

We are on a journey of discovering the truth. Truth can be painful at times and pain can be a good teacher, but the planets suggest with gentle honest communication we do have the power to learn lessons in love if so choose.

Reality is only painful when we resist it, instead of embracing and surrendering to it. And in truth, as the Full Moon is likely to reveal reality is rather deliciously sweet.

With Love,



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Sample Weekly Horoscopes for all 12 signs (till November 8, 2011)

Cosmic Diaries: Weekly Horoscope till Nov. 8, 2011


Hopefully you are discovering your power to gain the financial freedom you seek. Even if it means pushing through the boundaries of what would consider to be your routine work, you can trust the money for your efforts will come. But also be conscious of your impulses, indulgences, habits that are drain on your time, money, energy and take a toll on your health and strive to find a balance. Within a romantic or personal relationship or your relationship with your creativity be honest about your own wounds that prevent you from expressing and exploring these. You are learning a deep perhaps bittersweet truth about your own heart but if remain conscious of your pain you can heal it. Its easy to get jaded in this world but, try opening yourself up to at least one new experience daily and you will rediscover your child-like curiosity, awe and wonder.  And in this discovery, you will ‘allow’ yourself the freedom and passion to love and create. You have the power to create your experience of life and there is deep healing and joy found in each moment.  The deeper you dive, the higher you will rise.”

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