Moon in Taurus, Sun enters Virgo, Mercury-Venus conjunction in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces and trines Sedna in Taurus

Dear Friends and Readers,

We stand under a rapidly changing sky at the moment. Today the Moon in Taurus makes an earthy trine to Jupiter and Saturn, followed by the Sun’s ingress into Virgo, joining Saturn, Venus, Mercury in the sign. Venus and Mercury remain in a tight conjunction, and will both go on to oppose Uranus in Pisces on Saturday. Also on this day both planets trine Sedna in Taurus.

This is a lot of earthy grounding offering a welcome respite from the past few weeks. Virgo although an earth sign ruled Mercury has a distinctly mental flavour to its energy helping us process and ground recent revelations into something tangible. The recent eclipses have done much in the way of revelation and its left many wondering if their life is really their life. This has been the influence of Neptune in Aquarius and we are being asked to keep a close discernment on our reality without allowing for too many opinions or fear to cloud judgment.

On Saturday, Mercury and Venus both form an opposition to Uranus in Pisces and trine Sedna in Taurus. The Mercury-Venus conjunction suggests if we can avoid shooting ourselves down with criticism we may actually be able to talk our way into most situations. But then, with the upcoming opposition to Uranus we need to be aware of a few surprises and revelations coming our way.

We need to be sincere in all our conversations especially regarding love and money. If we can have the courage to confront a few truths, we may actually be liberated from a whole lot that we didn’t really need to be concerned about. Uranus does ask us to push our boundaries, and where we may think we have our emotions all figured out the aspect is likely to cause a few ripples of deeper questioning. If we can be honest about our feelings, this may just awaken us to a pool of emotion we didn’t know existed within us.

But the trines to Sedna suggest there could be deep healing if we make the effort to recognize and communicate any hurt feelings without being too critical of another or ourselves. An important conversation regarding a emotional or financial situation will benefit from your ability to be honest about your feelings without doubting yourself. Although Virgo is good for helping us analyze a situation and Venus Mercury are helping us articulate — Uranus in Pisces is asking us to let go of the “rules.”

Uranus (retrograde) in Pisces has been a time for us to awaken a deeper understanding and sense of compassion. Especially with Mars now in Libra, we need to be extra careful about not “forcing” an issue and instead strive to find a balance and compromise. Creatively these aspects could spell a genius idea and if we can let a problem stand on it’s head for minute we may just find a solution. Financial situations require a bit of faith and self-confidence for us to see the full potential of what is being presented. Even in emotional situations, this could be divine inspiration if we are willing to let it pour in.

With the Moon exalted in Taurus, emotionally this is a very grounding influence and Uranus asks us to think out of the stratosphere. If we are willing to let go of our fears of what may go wrong, we may be staring in the face of the best gift we haven’t yet unwrapped. It all depends on our ability to sing in the rain and recognize that this is indeed what makes for a lush life.

I will be back on Monday with the regular blog. Enjoy your weekend!

With Love,

Priya in NYC


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