Gemini New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse: On the Edge of Reason…

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We’re edging ever closer now towards the Gemini New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse exact at 9:02 PM UT on June 1, 2011.

As the Moon enters Gemini late Tuesday / early Wednesday, (depending on where you are in the world,) there may be a sense of extreme edginess and feeling divided about something.

Gemini represents the mind and its dual nature and with the Sun in Gemini right now the contrast between good and bad may be all too stark.

But currently the Moon is in Taurus (its sign of exaltation) in its extreme waning phase, asking us to release negative thoughts emotions and ground ourselves what is of value. Steer clear from the dark side and find a centered perspective if you want to be open to “truth.”

This New Moon is presenting us with an important choice. But its trine to Saturn suggests if we are able to go inward to quiet the mind, seek peace and mental balance, there can be great clarity and solidity as we begin this new cycle.

If Gemini represents information, “beliefs,” Sagittarius represents knowledge, an absolute all encompassing truth or ‘God.’

On a related note — I was at my (maternal) grandparents’ house the other day an discovered a collection of my grandfather’s (now passed but whom I shared a close connection with) old books. In it I found the ‘Complete Works of The Swami Vivekananda’ and as I opened it my eyes fell upon a passage that spoke of the energy of this energy of the Gemini-Sagittarius and explaining vividly how it manifests in our lives.

Below, is the passage and a few more selected excerpts from the book—transcribed from a series of talks given in 1895, over a hundred years ago. But then again, truth is eternal and timeless.

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There’s a whirlwind of change on the horizon… I’ll be back with more astrology, but in the meanwhile take a deep breath and go inside to find your center as you renew.

In Love,


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Excerpts from ‘Complete Works of The Swami Vivekananda’ Vol. 7


“Creation is not the making of something, it is the struggle to regain equilibrium, as when atoms of cork are thrown to the bottom of a pail of water and rush to rise to the top, singly or in clusters. Life is and must be accompanied by evil. A little evil is the source of life; the little wickedness that is in the world is very good for when the balance is regained, the world will end, because sameness and destruction are one. When this world goes, good and evil go with it; but when we transcend this world we get rid of both good and evil and have bliss.

“There is no possibility of ever having pleasure without pain, good without evil, living itself is the loss of equilibrium. What we want is freedom, not life, nor pleasure nor good. Creation is infinite without beginning and without end.”


We divide ourselves in two to love God, –myself, loving my self. God has created me and I have created God. We create God in our image; it is we who create Him to be our master, it is not God who makes us his servants. When we know that we are one with God, that and he and friends, then come equality and freedom. So long as you hold yourself separated by a hair’s breadth from this Eternal One, fear cannot go.


“When we know the Self we understand. The highest expression of love is unification.”

“There was a time when I was a woman and he was a man.
Still love grew until there was neither he nor I;
Only I remember faintly there was a time when there were two.
But love came between and made them one.”


“Until you are ready to change any minute you can never see the truth; but you must hold fast and be steady in search for the truth.”


Evil thoughts, looked at materially, are the disease bacilli.

Each thought is a little hammer blow on the lump of iron which our bodies are, manufacturing out of it what we want it to be.

We are heirs to all the good thoughts of the universe, if we open ourselves to them.


“To try to think with a phantasm is to try to make the impossible possible. We cannot think “mammalia” without concrete example. So with the idea of God. The great abstraction of ideas in the world is what we call God.”


“Extreme love and highest knowledge are one.”







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