Podcast – Uranus in Pisces and “Skylights” for the week…

Weekly Astrology Audio Update


Hello all,

We’re heading to one heaven of a week as a cluster of alignments become exact on Aug. 20, 2010. Here is a link to the Podcast I recorded with Scott and Jennifer on the BS Follmer Show last Saturday. On the audio you can hear me speak about these aspects and about Uranus’ recent retrograde back into Pisces. Also, Jennifer’s mother Karen speaks on energy healing, so you can catch up on that, as well.

Currently, the Moon is in Scorpio. This is deep and intense; emotionally, it may singe (or sting) more than a little. But move with energy and release the darkness as consciously as possible. Subscribers can look for their horoscopes in their mailboxes later tonight. And I’ll be back with more astrology here in a day.

Be gentle with yourself,



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