Scorpio Moon, Mercury trines Pluto, Sun opposite Chiron

Hello everybody,

I’m back after a much needed day off after an absolutely fabulous night out. We saw The Police perform their last concert ever and they sang every great song I could think of but when they played Wrapped Around Your Finger I think I almost melted.

And I’ve been trying hard to avoid gushing like a school girl, but Sting leaves me no choice. He started the show with a big bushy beard and then in between encores he went backstage, shaved it all off, took off his shirt, came back out looking hotter than ever and finished the set… It was every bit as magical as I imagined it would be, but to be able to share that experience with three of my oldest and best girl friends just sent me to the moon.

But getting back to the aspects for the weekend, the Moon is still in Scorpio as I write this on Friday evening in New York. Last weeks aspects likely brought a lot to the surface in a way of revelations. Use the Scorpio Moon to purge demons, so the spirit can renew itself.

Once the Moon ingresses Sagittarius, (on Saturday at 6:10 PM EST) we can start to see over the dark clouds that seem to be hanging low and heavy.On Saturday there are three trine aspects taking place; Sun trines Quoaor, Saturn trines Asbolus and Mercury trines Pluto. Trines open up a flow of energy — there is an opportunity now to consciously create new patterns, consequently stabilizing something that may have been struggling for survival.

On Sunday Mercury ingresses Virgo; on Saturday as it trines Pluto from the last degrees of Leo it opens up a flow of communication. This can be a very creative visionary aspect that may finally allow us to see the light when dealing with a difficult situation.

This would be a good time to trust your intuition and make the effort to express something you feel passionately about. It may require a bit of boldness and courage, but if there is a conversation you’ve been meaning to have or a idea you’ve been contemplating there could be no better time than now. Just be sure to listen just as much to what someone is trying to say. If we can keep an awareness of a truth that resonates deep within the soul, we can actually reach an profound understanding.

It can be a little bitter-sweet though as the Sun opposes Chiron on Sunday. There seems to be battle between our own desires and the wishes of the others in our life. Its like we are coming face to face with a difficult truth, but in truth this can only liberate us if we are willing to open our eyes to its greater gift of awareness.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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Saturday 09 August 2008

05:51:40 UT – Sun (17 le 1’15”) trine Quaoar (17 sa 1’15” Rx)
11:35:21 UT – Eros (23 le 51’31”) trine 1992 QB1 (23 ar 51’31” Rx)
13:17:02 UT – Varuna (19 cn 46’47”) sextile Logos (20 vi 25’39”) – Near Miss Only
13:29:05 UT – Mercury (28 le 21’22”) sextile Cyllarus (28 ge 21’22”)
15:49:15 UT – Saturn (8 vi 45’44”) trine Asbolus (8 ta 45’44”)
18:17:37 UT – Mercury (28 le 43’41”) trine Pluto (28 sa 43’41” Rx)

Sunday 10 August 2008

00:25:23 UT – Venus (4 vi 42’58”) sextile Deucalion (4 sc 42’58”)
00:43:25 UT – Mercury (29 le 13’25”) conjunct Orcus (29 le 13’25”)
03:46:39 UT – Pallas (2 ge 10’13”) opposite Hylonome (2 sa 10’13” Rx)
05:15:04 UT – Hylonome stations direct (2 sa 10’13”)
09:37:15 UT – Mercury (29 le 54’22”) sextile Echeclus (29 li 54’22”)
10:50:47 UT – Mercury enters Virgo (direct)
20:16:25 UT – Sun (18 le 33’21”) opposite Chiron (18 aq 33’21” Rx)

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