Juno conjuncts Great Attractor, Mars squares Galactic Core, Pluto trines Eros, Sun opposes Neptune

Anyone who isn’t feeling the current of change sweeping through right now is in a serious haze. Then again the Sun opposes Neptune overnight tonight so its not entirely impossible to be feeling a little confused. But first there are a few aspects taking place during the day that require us to be alert in spite of this influence.

Overnight last night Juno conjuncted the Great Attractor. This was hours after yesterdays Venus-Saturn conjunction which may have brought emotional and financial relationships under scrutiny. Juno is an asteroid that astrologically represents the qualities of “marriage.” The Great Attractor is known for its tendency to polarize situations, this can be attributed to its presence in Sagittarius that seeks the highest spiritual truth.

With this aspect we were likely given a view of the gloriously paradoxical state of a particular relationship. Understand that the divine makes no distinction between good and evil — they are just two extremes of an infinite oneness. Acceptance is a key to this aspect and score keeping will be the downfall.

Also today Mars squares the Galactic Core leading up to his powerful square to Pluto on the day of the eclipse. This has been increasing the usual Full Moon intensity ten fold, with a feeling of jumping from the frying pan to the volcano. We may reach a crucial understanding and turning point today with Mars’ aspect to the GC today.

Squares bring us to a point of inner resolution and today there is great wisdom to be gained if are able to go a little easy on ourselves. It may call for a profound surrender, but this is clearing space so healing can begin. Mars approaching square to Pluto suggests something is transforming deep within.

Early tomorrow morning in the UK, just after midnight one the east coast US and later in the day in Australia the Sun will form an exact opposition to Neptune as we head into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius the day after. This is the aspect that is calling attention to clarity more than anything else, but also the aspect under which we are most susceptible to illusion, denial and deception.

Neptune in Aquarius on a collective level is an influence that we see in the media and its ability to propagate the story it wants us to hear. Neptune’s influence can be spiritual and psychic at best, but can easily be used to cast a slippery spell. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news today, there is definitely a deeper truth lurking somewhere behind that shiny mirage.

In our personal lives this can be a rather confusing aspect,if we are not aware of its influence. We need to consciously work with this energy to seek soul truths and reflections. There is the danger of projection which we need to watch out for, this could be the influence of the people in our lives, society or more deceptively it could be just a projection of our fears and insecurity.

If something seems amiss it may be a good time to follow up on your intuition. However, a situation may not be all that it seems so don’t jump to conclusions either. I’m sorry to be making so many seemingly contradictory statements but this is Neptune we’re talking about and I didn’t want something important to slip.

With the Sun in Leo, we need to be watchful now for false pride or over dramatization of a situation. Stick as close the facts as possible when under the influence of Neptune. Honesty is the best policy they say, but on days like this it should be the only policy and when in doubt, it would be best to ask. As they say assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

If we can find our center today and be still for a moment, we may just be able to awaken to an eternal truth. Perhaps it may mean we stop staring at the Sun [through the eyes of ego] long enough to feel the warmth of its rays.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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