Uranus in Taurus: 2018 – 2025

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“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry  trees.” — Pablo Neruda, Everyday You Play

We could all be feeling the earth move under our feet, as Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, 2018 at 11:16 AM EDT, only hours after the Taurus New Moon on the same day at 7:47 AM EDT.

As Uranus transits through Taurus, over the next eight years: expect groundbreaking developments in the field of physics, currency and digital currency, environmental conservation, genetic research, art, how we experience the material world, among other things. Questions surrounding “values” — collectively, and individually — will be a central theme.

Taurus is a Venus-ruled, fixed, earth sign; it rules money, income, possessions, nature,  the material world, earth energy in its rawest form, the senses, sensual pleasures, creativity, resources and resourcefulness. At its core, Taurus represents values and this is a stripping away false facades to reveal what’s truly valuable, and a core reality.

As you begin this cycle: even it feels like you’ve touched rock bottom in an area of your life, in reality, you haven’t scratched the surface of the potential and the next eight years are asking you to dig deep. What do you value in life? Whom do you value? What do you value in your commitments? Most importantly how do you value yourself?

Taurus is all about resources, and resourcefulness — using what you have to create what you desire, or more of what you need. You came into this world with nothing, and you will leave with nothing — this life itself is a gift and not in your control. At best, you can enjoy your time here, and leave this world a little more beautiful than you found it, planting seeds that bear fruit for future generations.

As Uranus moves through Taurus: there are tectonic shifts occurring in the area of your life ruled by Taurus in your natal chart.
Taurus likes what is familiar and comfortable; it isn’t happy about sudden unexpected changes or disruptions — a hallmark of Uranus.

Especially, as Mars ingresses Aquarius, and squares Uranus at the ingress, what unfolds now is setting off a domino effect and chain of events that take us through to the end of 2018 (as first Mars and then Venus, stations retrograde.) The less you cling the easier it will be to move with the times.

You’re being drawn out of your comfort zone, to explore new pastures and territory. Whatever unfolds — if you can overcome your initial resistance,  inertia, or shock, you might find you like something; or pick up new skills that come more naturally to you than you imagined, and/or find that you’ve serendipitously landed in your personal version of paradise.

Your skills, talents, connections and relationships are all your resources. But that means you nurture and nourish your connections, not just mine them for what they can give you. In the words of Financial Guru, Suze Orman: “people first, then money, then things.” Be innovative, inventive, creative, and you’ll be amazed at the tangible results over the coming years — allowing you materialize a vision most have considered impossible.

Commitments too will be tested through this transit: pushing some over the edge, with other sudden new (perhaps unconventional) relationships blossoming. Individually, and collectively, we’re likely to be redefining rules surrounding commitments, and relationships — based on core values rather than the superficial expectations of society or what something should look like.

If not balanced and grounded, Taurus can have possessive tendencies, but now especially you’re learning you cannot possess another. If Taurus wants security, commitment, comfort, and familiarity — Uranus energy is all about the new, unexpected, and freedom. There is nothing wrong with your desires and you can have what you desire; but it the attachment the form something takes or to a particular outcome that causes us pain. Ultimately anything we want, we want for one reason — we think the having of it will make us happy. But for happiness to be lasting it has to be rooted internally, for everything external is transient.

The more you cling, the more you’re likely to be disappointed if/when reality fails to match up to your expectations. But if you let go of expectations you could be more than pleasantly surprised with the way things unfold. None of us know how long we have here on this planet, or with each other. The only thing that is real and outlasts death is love. In relationships right now the more freedom you can offer, while letting love be the foundation of your connections — you can deepen bonds that are real, born out of freedom, share your values, and value you for you.

Perhaps the most practical advice I could offer for this transit is cultivating a daily meditation practice. This is a good thing at any point, but through this transit especially it is a necessity to your well-being.

Taurus rules the body; Uranus’ energy is like electricity, or lightening – it follows the path of least resistance and needs to be harnessed, so its raw power doesn’t cause damage. No matter how fancy a lamp, without power it won’t give light. Meditation will allow you to remain grounded and plugged into the source. Then rather than experiencing shock, things not working, or falling apart, there can be a sense of liberation as life bursts in bloom.

Uranus speaks of detachment, Taurus represents the material world. Above all this transit is teaching us about detachment from the material world. We needn’t all become monks, and renounce the world. But it’s important you recognize the transient nature of all that is material and external. Then you will not cling or try to possess but will seek to cherish and savor each experience deeply.

Money can’t buy you love or anything of true value, nor can you take it to the grave; at most, money can buy you freedom. Or as I once heard Osho say, and I’m paraphrasing: The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have the freedom and luxury of choosing their misery.

Also what we consider to be “reality” is an illusion, changing shapes and forms on the surface, which mask an underlying indestructible all-pervasive consciousness — which is the true reality. Realize this, then over the coming transit, you can truly deepen in a sense of self-worth, security, financial and emotional freedom, allowing you to thrive as your life blossoms.

Uranus will return to Aries briefly at the end of the year until March 2019 — returning to this point, offering a chance for final re-adjustments.)

Uranus is the awakener and these past eight years of Uranus in Aries, have hopefully brought you greater self-awareness; and awareness of your passions, desires, and fears. Aries is raw fiery energy; the spark of life itself. Taurus rules the body, the vessel that holds this fire of existence.

For now in these final days of Uranus in Aries, as Mercury at the end of Aries, moves to square Mars at the end of Capricorn, as the Aries Moon moves through the deep waning phase before the Taurus New Moon: take the time to go deeply inward, into your self. You’re coming to an important realization about yourself, what makes you come alive, and what you need to do next. Trust this.

Then as the Taurus New Moon aligns you can plant seeds for what you wish to create and bring into being. Something you thought was impossible, isn’t as impossible as it seems.

— Priya Kale


If you’ve pre-ordered your 2018-2019 Annual Horoscopes — I am still working on them, but please look for an update in your email shortly.

On a personal note: Two weeks ago at the Scorpio Full Moon (conjunct my natal Uranus) — my computer finally died (Scorpio = death + Uranus = technology.) With it I lost a chunk of work, but I have a new temporary computer, I’m back online, slowly and steadily getting back to speed.

I’ll have more to say about the Uranus ingress and specifically the Taurus New Moon, in the report/audio sent out to subscribers. You can sign up here to receive that in your mail.

Also with Uranus entering my sign, I am not sure what comes next but you can expect to see changes on this page, so stay tuned. I’ll probably be making shorter updates to the Face-book page, so do check in there – here.

I’ll be back soon, for now I send you Love and Blessings for a very Happy Taurus New Moon…


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