Dear Friends,

Last night marked a liberating Sagittarius Full Moon opposite the Sun in Gemini at 11:41 PM ET on June 3, followed by Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus a few hours ago on June 4, seeding the energy over the next two weeks.

This is the culmination of a cycle that began with the Taurus New Moon on May 19, and a larger six-month cycle that began with the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, 2022. This is also the first lunation in Sagittarius, since Jupiter ingress into Taurus, bringing us the first real taste of this energy and its potential over the coming 12 months.

As the Full Moon aligns, with with Mercury (ruler of Gemini) conjunct Uranus — expect the unexpected!

Pay attention to the Gemini – Sagittarius axis in your chart. There are unpredictable developments, surprising encounters, revelations, realizations, information, conversations, genius solutions, ideas, and truths coming to light. With the current astrology, avoid pre-mature judgment, and assumptions, and be patient as more is revealed.

Life is calling for a leap of faith, presenting us with choices. For every door that closes, another is opening wide. And where we thought we’d reached the end of the road, we’re seeing new pathways forward — revealing a whole new world to be explored. This is a breakthrough, freeing us from stubborn perceptions and beliefs to recognize a more abundant, fertile reality. 

There’s a need for perspective, detachment, open-mindedness, and honest open communication, above all. In the words of the late great Sagittarian, Jonathan Cainer, “perspective is the most valuable thing we can have.” A subtle mind shift might be all that’s needed. Then you can make valuable discoveries, wise choices, and real progress; where previously you’ve felt stuck or going around in circles.

Sagittarius is a visionary sign. It represents faith, wisdom, spirituality, religion, God, knowledge, expansion, journeys, foreign travel, foreign cultures, foreign languages, philosophy psychology, astrology global affairs, and a higher truth. It speaks of growth, expansion, exploration, generosity, kindness, and gratitude. Sagittarius reminds us to be philosophical, to look at the brighter side of life and of the healing powers of laughter. Gemini, its opposite sign, represents communication in all forms, the mind, duality, perceptions, and transportation among other things.

Expect these themes to be in focus over the coming weeks. There’s a need for self-reflection and deep honesty with oneself above all. Who are you? What do you want? Do you know what’s good for you? Where are you going? What are your values? Who and what guides your life, life choices, and decisions? If you say you want something, do your actions reflect that?

Clarify a vision, reflect on the big picture of your life, and be humble and philosophical. Life rarely turns out exactly as planned. Your whole life has led to this moment. And your experiences have brought you a wealth of wisdom. Sagittarius reminds us, the journey is the destination. And although there may be many paths, the final destination is the same for us all — Self-Realization. And that final journey is one we make alone.

Jupiter (ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon) in Taurus conjunct the North Node, suggests we’re being drawn steadily to our destiny. Even if something appears to be falling apart — this is a breakthrough and a blessing in disguise. Be humble, patient, discerning, and committed to your journey of growth. Then we can be guided to a place of greater emotional, material, physical, and mental well-being and abundance.

Relationships are heating up over the coming days and in June. Currently, Mars is in Leo; on June 5, Venus (ruler of Jupiter in Taurus) ingresses Leo and immediately opposes Pluto bringing a powerful transformation personally and in relationships, financial, and creative situations. Mars and Venus will transit Leo over the coming months — igniting passion, desire, love, romance, and creativity at best. We just need to keep our egos, pride, and defenses in check.

Significantly the Sun (ruler of Leo) is in Gemini, passing through the territory Mars was traveling in between September 2022 and March 2023. We’ve been through a lot since then. Now the Sun is in Gemini — we’re seeing the past in a new light, and the Sagittarius Full Moon is revealing a new way forward. Life isn’t black and white, and neither are people. With Sagittarius-Gemini, we may be dealing with cultural differences in our relationships. Discernment is necessary, but avoid going to extremes, being closed-minded, or being judgmental. It will require a willingness to move beyond perception, and to listen and communicate honestly.

With Venus and Mars in the same sign, there’s a suggestion that what you want and your partners want is quite similar. And you are more alike than different. Life is bursting with color and exciting tangible opportunities, awakening desires, and revealing relationships in a new light. What’s needed is communication, love, and acceptance to get on the same page. Because the sum of what we could achieve together is greater than what we could alone.

Especially as Venus opposes Pluto — let go of power struggles, and drop the mask. Stay in the present and allow space for relationships to evolve. With freedom, loyalty, and honesty we can deepen connections that go the distance; as we grow and explore, ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

Next week Pluto changes signs (after Venus’ opposition) and returns to Capricorn, and Saturn changes direction next month. Change is in the air.

Don’t underestimate the power of love to transform and light up your world. We may or may not ever understand others, and others may never fully understand us. But ultimately what we want more than to be understood — is to be loved.

Planets suggest this Sagittarius Full Moon is a chance to write a new chapter in a long unfolding story. One filled with more joy, pleasure, laughter, companionship, support, and emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial well-being.

On a personal note — this Full Moon is on my Sagittarius (travel) 2nd House (possessions) – Gemini (communication) 8th House (surrender) axis. I was traveling this past weekend and I managed to leave my phone behind in Toronto. So I’m out of the phone till next week – which is strangely liberating. It is certainly befitting the astrology, asking for total surrender and detachment from my phone and communication (Mercury-Uranus). 

Exactly six months ago, I was in India at my Guru’s Ashram. While I was there, I had planned to work on a book alongside being in silence and retreat. But within two days of my arrival, my computer unexpectedly and curiously shut down for no apparent reason. The ashram is in the middle of a remote forest in India —so an Apple store was out of the question. Surrender was the only way out. (8th House).

I thought I would be more upset about not having my computer (or phone)— but instead, I felt liberated and detached, as I do now without my phone. Two months later, I returned to Mumbai and went to the Apple store the next day. The woman simply plugged in my computer and voila! My computer miraculously resurrected as if nothing had happened.

Honestly, I was almost not even surprised. Amma wanted me to detach from the eternal world while I was at the ashram. It was for the best, as it allowed me to focus on my sadhana, stay in the present, and make the most of my precious time there. It’s also not lost on me that the day I forgot my phone, was also the day Amma arrived in the US for the first time since 2019. It’s like her telling me to spend more time in silence, as I prepare to see her by the next Full Moon for Guru Purnima in San Francisco.

Here is a Link to her 2023 US tour — if you can make it to any of the events, consider yourself blessed and your life forever changed.

With the current astrology, one particular discourse comes to mind. Amma was speaking on a verse in the Vedas teaching us the need for resilience, and how to deal with heartbreak. She said life is a journey. When we encounter challenges or we experience heartbreak, it is like a thorn in the foot. We need to remove the source of pain and heal. But we can’t sit there for the rest of our lives — because we were once injured — the journey must continue.

Over the next two weeks — consciously lighten your load, and release emotional and mental baggage, as you welcome a new perspective and explore the opportunities arising. Every ending is a new beginning. And this is just the beginning of a journey, drawing us steadily to our destiny, into a more abundant reality. We are creating the future, here and now, with every thought word, and deed.

Open your mind, heart and have faith as you reach for your most optimistic vision.

Sagittarius is the sign of divinity, and the Moon represents our innermost needs and the Mother. Above all, have faith in the Universe, which like a Divine Mother knows what you need better than you.

I’ll be back with more very soon. Also if you’ve been thinking of getting a readingthere is no better time than now. Jupiter is conjunct my natal Mercury (as you can tell by the lengthy newsletter) and a lot is coming through. I look forward to working with you!

With Love and Blessings,


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