CANCER NEW MOON, July 17 – August 1, 2023

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon, dear Friends,

Cancer is a cardinal, water sign, ruled by the Moon. It “initiates” the Summer in the North and Winter in the South, and similarly, it initiates a new season in our lives. We’re in the womb of a powerful, fertile new cycle. This is a fresh start, reset, renewal, and re-birth in the area of your life/chart ruled by Cancer.

If you’re a Cancerian — Happy Birthday! This is your new year and it seems you’re ready to create some waves.

This Cancer New Moon aligned at 2:31 PM ET on July 17 at 24+ degrees, in a trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. Also, other major aspects are aligning at this lunation, seeding the energy of the coming weeks. Hours before the New Moon, Mercury in Leo was square Jupiter in Taurus bringing huge inner realizations and insights. Hours after the lunation, the Lunar Nodes ingressed Aries-Libra (from Taurus-Scorpio). On July 20, the Sun trines Neptune, Mars opposes Saturn; on July 21 the Sun opposes Pluto, and finally, Venus stations retrograde on July 22.

The tide is turning. What you initiate now, is likely to have far-reaching ripple effects. Still, it’s not all smooth sailing — we’re moving through choppy waters. But with sensitivity, care, creativity, imagination, and detachment, the coming days could bring about a total transformation in a situation where we’ve previously felt powerless.

Cancer rules our emotions, our most basic needs of food, shelter, and water, as well as our innermost needs for safety, and security — emotionally, physically, materially, and financially. It represents one’s home, family, food, nourishment, mothers, children, the bond between them, the womb, women, and matters of fertility.

We can expect these themes to be surfacing at the front and center of our life and consciousness over the coming weeks.

As you enter this New Moon cycle — stay inwardly focused, and acknowledge how you feel, and what you need to feel safe — emotionally, materially, financially, and on all levels. Clarify your needs, and goals, reflect on your limits, release power struggles, be fluid and move with awareness.

Cancer is a deeply sensitive, intuitive sign. With current aspects: our intuition and psychic senses are running high. Go with the flow, nurture your dreams, and pour your energy into what you care most about. But there could also be waves of nostalgia tugging at our heartstrings. It will take awareness to not get pulled into the undercurrents of past patterns.

Significantly the Nodes shifted to Aries-Libra (from Taurus-Scorpio) just hours after the Cancer New Moon. The Nodes are the shadow of the Moon and point to our destiny, fate, karma, and a cycle of birth and re-birth. Since November 2021, the Eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio have marked a process of releasing power struggles, and past attachments, as we consciously step into new territory.

With the Nodes in Aries and Libra: our relationships are in focus over the coming 18 months. We’re in the process of reclaiming autonomy, and independence, and forging a new path forward even if it means upsetting the status quo. If we are being authentic; we can trust situations will find their natural balance. That said be conscious, not to cut your nose to spite your face. Actions have consequences and none of us is independent. The Nodal shift at this Cancer New Moon is teaching us: at best, we’re interdependent creatures and we need each other. What matters is that we’re stepping out of co-dependent patterns to engage as adults, as we are today, in the present.

Notably, on July 20, the Sun trines Neptune and Mars opposes Saturn. We’re in the flow. Trust your intuition but proceed with awareness, as you reflect on your limits and re-adjust boundaries as necessary. Doors are closing, opening, and lines are being drawn. We live, we learn, we grow. At best this is a chance to learn our lessons, but to let the past be water under the bridge. In the words of Bruce Lee, “Be like water,” and you could find your way around something that has been an obstacle.

July 21: the Sun opposes Pluto bringing powerful revelations and transformation. With Pluto at the end of Capricorn, we’re in the final throes of a long slow process, chipping away conditioning handed down through generations, society, culture, and parental and authority figures.

With the Sun (and New Moon) opposite Pluto, there’s a need to face and confront our shadow. There might be deep insecurities welling up and we’re likely feeling mixed emotions. But this is an evolutionary moment, and a chance to reclaim power in a situation where you’ve felt powerless.

Examine your family dynamics, and family ideas surrounding security, success, failure, relationships, and money. We can’t change the past, or anyone or anything outside of ourselves. And nothing and no one can have power over us unless we give it away. Consciously step out of patterns of co-dependency, parent-child, and victim-perpetrator dynamics, release power struggles, and engage with life as you are today.

As we evolve from childhood patterns, trust, that inner transformation will ripple out to transform your world and relationship dynamics. Change always comes from the inside out and this is an inner-purification process. Something that has been a source of irritation (at the least) is leaving you with a pearl.

July 22: Venus stations retrograde in Leo, followed immediately by Sun’s entry in Leo. A bold, dramatic new season begins, inviting us to dare to dive deeper into our hearts and acknowledge its most burning desires. I’ll have more to say about this in the coming days. But Venus is the planet that rules our relationships, money, creativity, beauty, and all matters of the heart. As she stations retrograde we’re entering a process of deep re-evaluation of our relationships, creative projects, and financial situations.

Her retrograde in Leo isn’t for the faint-hearted and there may be dramatic developments unfolding around her retrograde station. There might be people and relationships from the past re-entering our lives. Or perhaps we’re seeing someone’s true colors, or being revealed the heart of a situation. We’re feeling naked, exposed, raw, emotional, and vulnerable — but there’s something awfully beautiful about this.

It will require confidence, courage, and vulnerability to acknowledge our desires and to drop the ego. But the rewards of our courage will far outweigh any risks. Leo represents the “eternal here, now” and Venus speaks of love and our values. Nothing lasts forever, except love. And the value we get out of our experiences has the potential to change and enrich our lives forever.

July 23: Mercury squares Uranus, continuing a process we’ve been in since mid-June, bringing unexpected communication, insights, and realizations. Remain detached, be creative, innovative, and keep an open mind. A small adjustment or mind shift might be all that’s needed.

July 25: First Quarter Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun in Leo marking the halfway point between the Cancer New Moon and the Aquarius Full Moon on Aug 1, 2023. Let go of emotional baggage and the ego. We’re at a turning point and this is a chance for course corrections.

To sum it up: as you enter this Cancer New Moon cycle, stay connected with your inner emotional landscape, rise above insecurities, and be gentle. Cancer is an extremely empathetic, caring, sensitive, and nurturing sign. Powerful emotions are welling up, everyone is feeling hyper-sensitive and we’re becoming aware of our needs. Boundaries are healthy, but a little sensitivity will go a long way.

This is very fertile energy, what you feed will grow. Let go of the past, and resentments, and nurture what matters to you, as you shape and bring dreams to life consciously. And where one door closes, another is opening. It might be as simple as being willing to ask for help, or what we want, or need. Just let go of expectations of others, (then you won’t feel disappointed) and pay attention to who shows up.

Cancer represents our most basic needs — and if you’re reading these words, you have an internet connection and likely have food and a place to sleep tonight. Be grateful. We may or may not always get what we want. But under these skies, there’s a strong suggestion, we will get what we need. It starts with daring to acknowledge it.

With Love,

Priya Kale

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Dear Friends,

We’re past the New Moon, slowly coming out of the car wash. Currently the Moon is in Virgo, moving to a Plutosextile with  the Sun, while the Sun approaches a trine to Saturn, stabilising a situation you fear is falling apart.

Also, Venus entered Virgo, on July 18, 2015 and will station retrograde in less than a week from now— on July 25, 2015 at 0+ Virgo, for 40 days and 40 nights.

She re-enters Leo at the end of the month on July 31, 2015 just after the Full Moon in Aquarius — Guru Pornima and stations direct on Sept. 6, 2015 when she stations direct at 14+ Leo.

Venus retrogrades occur approximately every year and a half; and occur in the same part of the zodiac once every eight years. So the last time Venus was retrograde in Virgo/Leo was in 2007 and the time before that in 1999, 1991, 1983 and so on. Look back to your life and see if you can recognise emerging themes and patterns. (Or email me and we can do it together.)

As I reflect on my life, at the last Venus retrograde in Virgo/Leo eight years ago in 2007 — the name for Cosmic Diaries was conceived, and the seed for the vision was planted. (About eight months prior I had made the transition from working as an Art Director to a full-time Astrologer.)

What I thought was the “end” of my journey, of finding my “purpose,” turned out to be just the beginning of learning to live it. It’s been a ride; taking me to glorious highs and experiencing divine grace, to the pits of the shadowy abyss, challenging my faith, back again to the center.

As Venus comes around again, there’s a sense of coming full circle, with my relationship to astrology. My experiences re-enforcing what I’ve always known, that astrology is possibly one of the most powerful tools for self-awareness and inner-exploration.

As Venus prepares to stations retrograde in Virgo, there’s likely to be a sense of coming full circle for you too. But no two moments are ever alike and you are not the same. How have you grown, changed and evolved through the years? What would you like to do differently this time?


Venus in Wonderland…

Venus is now sinking deep in cosmic waters in the last degree of Pisces, as she comes to the end of her rare retrograde phases. Today she stations direct and will spend the next 10 days in this last degree of the zodiac a transit I’d like to call Venus in Wonderland… This is a time when we could gain deep insight, clarity on love, financial matters and our creative goals.

On Feb. 6, 2009 entered shadow or “echo” phase at 29+ Pisces passing through Aries through February and turned retrograde at the mid-point of Aries at 15+ degrees on Mar. 6, 2009. Now after retracing her steps we are back to the beginning of February when we first began this soulful journey of reclaiming passion.

Her retrograde through Aries has had the feeling of the heart being put through a ring of fire. Financial issues given the current economic climate have no doubt been a source of concern. Venus has also made two squares to Pluto in Capricorn through this transit, due to make another after her direct station later this month. This has meant restructuring business plans, cutting back on the perks and generally being more conservative with the budget. There has also been a process of questioning who or what has authority over you. Are you a slave to your money or does your money work for you? Success at what cost and who defines success for you? We can make changes now based on personal values with a humane principle at the heart.

It is interesting to note that Venus take such a long pause near the Aries Point (0+ Aries) the first degree of the zodiac, associated with world events and particularly sensitive to transits. It has the energy of something very personal and individual that becomes a “voice” or example for the world or a larger cause. It’s keyword is the ‘the personal is political.’ This could indeed be the time when we start to see a glimmer of hope and things start to move forward again with the global economy, trickling down into personal prosperity. However with Venus going direct this may suggest that the change is going to come from inside out. Once individuals start to focus their financial dreams on soulful values, it can grow outward into an economy of strength based on indestructible principles of compassion and integrity.

Business will need to take this in account now if they are to learn from the recent past. Financial decisions we are making have more depth than meets the eye, so be honest with yourself about where you stand and where you envision your self. I don’t know economy, but if I understand astrology and its symbolism, with Venus standing still be willing to clear up the past to make room for a more prosperous future. There should be concrete proof of this by the middle to late June when Venus conjuncts Mars again after a long mating dance in Taurus her home sign — the sign of money, abundance and fertility.

Venus standing still in Pisces is a reminder of the infinite emotional and tangible resources available to a hopeful heart. Astrology is a form of divination. It gives us a solid glimpse into the energies, like we’re looking at God’s time-table. With the upcoming astrology and Mars-Venus conjunction in this degree, there is enough material abundance for each soul on this planet. I say this knowing there are many living without homes or even the basic necessities of life. But there is also a higher benevolent power awakening — the Universe is alive in each of our hearts. This moment in eternity is a time when we can truly count our blessings and look for ways to let the energy ripple out into the world. Love and abundance spreads in waves and a small act of kindness goes a long way.

In personal, romantic and intimate situations there is an interesting story being played out. Venus’ retrograde has asked for a deeper understanding of our desire nature and most primal passions. Venus in Aries is like a child, curious and carefree; but she can be known to throw a tantrum and act in the most ‘unladylike’ ways if she doesn’t get what she wants, when she wants and how she wants it — especially when it comes to love. Passion or anger it’s usually the same energy that spills over.

It may have seemed like things are going in any direction other than the way you want them to go. But now there is a moment to rest and sink into the deep eternal mystery of love. It’s like time is standing still, allowing us to experience a period of timeless eternal unconditional love, that exists within. No doubt the hearts been bruised and battered through the recent transit, but now there can be healing and clarity. Clear the ghosts of the past, illusions of the future and focus on the love that exists within and around you now. It’s real and waiting for you to open up and dive in deep.

Venus and Mars will conjunct in this last degree of Pisces before ingressing Aries. They will conjunct once again in the middle of June at the mid-point of Taurus. Relationships can get a new start now if we can focus on a soul connection we share. Venus rules love, money, art, sex, sensuality, pleasure.  This is the energy that reminds us that only love is real, eternal and to experience love is to dissolve into the sacred space of oneness. Enlightenment is often described as an experience of living an awakened life in a state of permanent orgasmic union with all of existence or God.

This is the highest ethereal form of creative energy and we are likely to look back on this time as one where some of the greatest ideas were born. Creativity and indeed all of creation comes from nothing and in the last degree of Pisces, this is especially potent and powerful. As Venus rebirths herself in Aries, this is what can be likened to ‘Kundalini Shakti’, the raw unbridled passion and power of the divine feminine, the dynamic life force that lives and breathes within us. Pay attention to what you are learning now about your heart and what makes it happy — all success, emotional, creative and tangible will flow from that.

‘Venus in Wonderland’ is a time for us to envision an eternal dream, creating by living in remembrance of this eternal creative moment and the infinite potential it holds. Knowing that after all life is an experience where each moment bleeds into the next…

— Priya Kale, NYC, Apr. 17, 2009, Venus in Wonderland

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