Mars square Saturn, Venus trine Pluto, Mercury stations Direct in Leo

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Dear Friends,

Mars squared Saturn earlier this morning, Venus trines Pluto later today at 7:22 PM EDT and Mercury stations direct on Aug. 26, 2011. There’s is truth coming to the surface and things are shifting rather decisively. Ride the wave rather than act or react in fear or rash emotion. The aspect is pushing us to discover inner strength and a balance of mutual needs and desires within relationships.

It may feel like hitting a wall with certain situations, but rather than project this externally look for internal blockages that need to be released. As Venus trines Pluto later in the day, once we move past our internal resistance, things could really be better than we expected if we can let go of expectations; especially expectations of perfection when it comes to love or creativity which needs to be nurtured and not limited by preconceived notions. Rather than being critical or stay stuck in the past focus on healing and there can be real transformative change.

It may even be a good day to clean house, reorganize your closet [and throw out those skeletons]. You’ll be glad you did, making room for something new to enter your world that really works for you. This doesn’t mean we let go of anyone or anything important to us – just patterns we’ve outgrown and that are no longer productive. Be creative, work smarter not harder.

Mercury stations direct day after bringing us back to where we were around the Capricorn Full Moon on July 15, 2011. There could be bold, spontaneous declarations or a truth that suddenly dawns on you bringing you clarity and solid understanding of the road ahead and what’s needed to make something work or to manifest a creative idea.

Don’t give up yet, a brilliant solution could be close at hand. On a personal level, this is asking honesty in communication which will require courage but with a little effort we could really stabilize a situation; nurturing and healing what is precious within it.

On Aug. 28 a New Moon in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn [and the degree of the Capricorn Full Moon which occurred on July 15, 2011 when Mercury was just entering shadow and first occupied the position it does now].

Mercury is back at the same point it was then and with the Virgo New Moon making the trine to Pluto, there is a sense of the dust clearing and finally being able to see and make solid progress on the road ahead, with a story that began to emerge then. As we will see now, what seemed like the end of road was only the beginning of a more prosperous journey.

Mercury has been retrograde in my 10th house and it’s felt like the cat’s got my tongue. Aside from deep soul searching about work, the motherboard on my computer crashed last week and I’ve been working on a borrowed computer until I can get a new one. But I’ll be back with more astrology around the time of the New Moon…

Over the weekend, the Moon is in Leo with a grand Earth trine forming. Dig deep to find your passion, worry less, live a little more and enjoy the sensual skies…

With Love,

Priya Kale


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