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“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
I just had to let it go.”

— John Lennon, Watching the Wheels.


Beloved Friends,

We’re heading to a Full Moon and in less than 24 hours, the Taurus Moon will oppose the Scorpio Sun at 25+ degrees of the Taurus-Scorpio axis at 11.15 AM EDT on Nov. 17, 2013.

Just yesterday, Venus made a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. There are deep hidden, secret desires and obsessions surfacing. But this was also asking for a breakdown of conditioning, especially surrounding money, sexual, personal or business relationships and situations — so we can see what is golden in a situation.

Also with both Venus and Pluto being the rulers of Taurus and Scorpio respectively, whatever has been in the shadows is coming to light over the next two weeks.

There are very real feelings being revealed — you may be able to hide them from others, but you can’t lie from yourself. Feelings are very real indeed, but it’s important to remember they are not reality.

A lot of what is being triggered especially when it comes to heavier emotions of sadness, pain, jealousy, betrayal, grief needs to be released consciously without projecting it on to people and situations.

All emotions are meant to be felt — only then can they be released and transformed rather than suppressed which then allows them to seep out in unconsciously, poisoning our interactions with others in subtle and not so subtle ways.

This is also very sexual, sensual and seductive energy. This is not about morality, which is a construct, with Taurus-Scorpio it all comes down to values. Who or what do you value and how much? As financial expert Suze Orman likes to say, the true secret to wealth is “people first, then money, then things.”

We are merging with others on the deepest of levels and it’s important to know your values. Make no doubt about it — all is ONE — especially with Neptune in Pisces the boundaries between us and all of the Universe are dissolving.

We actually have a major radioactive crisis on our hands, that will affect everything — this is the shadow of the Neptune in Pisces era we’re living in. We cannot live in fear, but in tuning into the spiritual boundlessness of Pisces, and this Scorpio Sun we may just get a glimpse beyond the veil into eternity.

What you put out (your intention, not action or word) is what will find it’s way back to you. Stay true to your values and make choices in accordance. Then you can attract the relationships and commitments that you can truly mutually evolve together and gain from tangibly and in terms of intimacy.

Scorpio-Taurus is the most physical axis of the zodiac, representing all that ties us to the material world — sex, money, life, death, change. Reminding us the only constant in this life is changing and only in a total surrender of attachment to material possessions, as well attachment to relationships and acceptance of reality as it stands can we step out of this karmic wheel to experience one’s divinity in the flesh.

Here is an excerpt from this month’s cosmic weather report covering the astrology in detail for November, including Mercury’s final shadow phase and Venus’ shadow in Capricorn as she prepares to station direct next month.

“Look back to what was unfolding at the time of the beginning of the month at the time of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on Nov. 3, 2013. There are due to be major revelations as the Full Moon spills over, bringing us the first fruits of the seeds that were planted then.

“Mercury is direct now, allowing us to see  for a deep acceptance of reality as it stands — only then can we recognize the abundance, magic and love that surrounds us. With the Scorpio the only way out is through, and the Taurus Moon suggests there is real light at the end of the tunnel.

“We are born into this world empty-handed and alone and one day we will die empty handed and alone. Everything that happens in between is simply an experience, and clinging to it only prevents evolution.

“Ground yourself emotionally in what is truly of value and the people who ground you. This also very sensual, sexual energy and relationships could be deepening at this time. There have been important lessons learned over the past year, but the past need not weigh you down.

“You cannot control another or anything in the external world — you can only control yourself. And even then, this is not about controlling your emotions or desires, but surrenderring attachment to a particular outcome or the way things unfold.

“Scorpio reminds us to dive deeply into every moment, with a deep intimacy for life, so life can reveal its very real treasures, embracing you in a deeper eternal kind of love.” — Priya Kale.

To read the Full Report sign up here for a One Week Free trial to the Cosmic Subscriber Service. Or you can make a one-time purchase on the same page. (Select Moon report option.)

Interestingly, this Full Moon is also exactly conjunct my Sun, to the degree only a few minutes away. No doubt, I’ve been feeling the energy profoundly. Life has certainly changed since the last time I wrote this blog about two weeks ago.

After 14 years in the Big Apple, I moved out of NYC and into my new home in Kingston, NY the night before the Solar Eclipse. I woke up that morning with the sky a haunting light right as the Eclipse was occurring… Most importantly I woke up to see the sky outside my living room window, as opposed to the brick wall outside my studio in Manhattan of 8 years.

I was born and raised in India, but in a sense I grew up in NYC – spending almost all of my 20’s and half of my 30’s there. So it’s home. But I moved to Kingston much the same way I moved to NYC in 1999, with a suitcase on a holiday — and I never left. But that’s also Aquarius on my IC for those that study astrology.

As I begin this new chapter, just in the past two weeks, I’ve already had quite a special housewarming with friends, house guests and created magical eternal memories…

…[20 minutes later] Just as I typed that last word I saw the Moon rise from my window and I had to run to take the photo above. I can still see her staring lovingly, bathing me in her light. So I will leave you for now as I soak in her beauty and magic… But I wish you a very blissful Taurus Full Moon…

And I look forward to bringing you more astrology as I settle into this little secret magic garden I’ve found… that I now call home.

With love and passion,



The Sabian Symbol for 26 Taurus is “A Spanish gallant serenades his beloved.” Being the degree of my Sun it is one that I can relate to well, God, the Universe and life has always spoken to me through music…. But it really struck a chord today, when I found myself posting songs back to back on Facebook (not something I’ve done before.) Then I remembered the degree of the Full Moon and my Sun and the symbol and smiled.

So on that note — I would say listen to the music that surrounds you, listen to the music of your soul… there’s a song playing — and it has a message for you.

I leave you with the song that was playing in my soul when I woke up this morning…


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