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I have just finished writing the New Moon report which is usually a part of the subscriber service, but considering this New Moon conjuncts my Mercury and Mercury has just entered shadow, my webservers are down for maintenance. I figure it’s the Universe telling me this one’s for everyone…

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Today’s New Moon in Taurus is accompanied by powerful aspects surrounding the lunation suggesting a fertile period for personal growth seeding the energy over the next two weeks.

In Taurus the Moon is exalted; here the water energy of the Moon and it’s changing lunar phases is grounded; Taurus is the sign that represents earth, abundance and life itself. Taurus is the 2nd house of the zodiac, it also represents ones personal values, self-esteem and in recognizing that faith in oneself needs to be like the earth. Knowing that we may go through our seasons of personal growth, but after every winter comes spring.

Taurus rules all things material and physical — our ability to feel good about our bodies and inner-self, ultimately translates to the money we earn and the relationships we attract. Taurus is the sign that represents the unchanging core of life itself, where Venus births her abundance on the material plane. Ruled by Venus this is very creative, physically sensual and sexual energy; the sign opposite Scorpio which rules sex, death and transformation.

With the other aspects forming the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the New Moon gives us a poignant insight into the current energy; Taurus 6: A Bridge being Built Across a High Narrow Gorge. With the other aspects forming at this time this gives us a poignant insight into the energy. Mars and Venus now in Aries are approaching a square to Pluto which has put us on a high alert feeling like warriors climbing on a steep and dangerous hill.

Mars and Venus are both personal planets and their recent powerful conjunction in Pisces has done much in washing away past financial and love karma. There may be a feeling of having come full circle, refreshing the heart once again in the eternal dream. Now in Aries the first sign of self, there is a need to assert ones independence sexually, creatively, financially but meeting with Pluto may feel like fighting the establishment.

But the Taurus New Moon is a reminder of keeping awareness of ones inner indestructible faith and the new cycle of gaining self-esteem. Avoid projection of fear, rage and victimization and feelings of powerlessness. Squares always signal inner challenges bringing points of growth — and that is the solid promise. Although we face precarious situations feels this about conquering personal demons, rather than feeling yourself at the mercy of the powers that be. Keep aware of the dangers and take steps rooted in reality.

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and Venus is direct now after her long retrograde phase and Mars in his home sign, suggesting it is establishment and corporation that needs to be restructured based on personal values. How is your money working for you, rather than you for it. How much are your talents, creativity and gifts worth — and do you feel valued for what you do? Faith and acceptance now needs to come from inside out and the Taurus Moon is always a gentle nurturing one that can ground most demons of fear. Invest in yourself and it will pay in big dividends.

When it comes to relationships, there is again the feeling of needing to assert ones independence in the face of rules. Remember the healthiest and the most indestructible relationships are those based on freedom. Taurus can be a possessive sign and rules deep commitments and the Mars-Venus and Pluto square there may be feelings of jealousy and deep possessiveness that arise. People are not objects that can be possessed and the true lesson for Taurus is that like the earth it never needs to hold on, or let go — it is constant and eternal.

Love need not be possessed but it does need to be gently nurtured for it to grow. Once we recognize our own worth and what we have to offer within a situation, it will be easier to take charge of demons of the ego that threaten to destroy just that which we treasure and our trying to bring to life. With Mars and Venus in conjunction there we can reach greater heights of passion and intimacy if we can redefine our own inner boundaries that keep us from receiving the love available to us.

Also, Mercury in Taurus has now entered its echo phase. It will turn retrograde on May 6, 2009 before the Scorpio Full Moon on May 9, 2009. We will be out of Mercury’s shadow on June 16, 2009 around the time Mars and Venus conjunct again in Taurus.

There is a longer unfolding story now within all creative, financial and intimate relationships and situations. All negotiations, conversations and mergers are going to require patience but with persistence and a solid awareness of ones values, this is going to be a journey that pays off well worth its weight in gold. where there is a will there is a way. We are forming deep solid commitments, even if things seem frustratingly slow, trust the natural pace of events is ultimately working in your benefit. Keep getting the facts straight and be willing to take your time. Mercury in Taurus does not like to be rushed, but the ultimate result is will be something that was worth the wait. Patience is always rewarded — ask a Taurus they’ll tell you. We are building trust within our relationships and this can only come from honesty and consistency; say what you mean and mean what you say.

This month truly brings us some of the most powerful astrology of the year as it peaks, with a stunning triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. Mercury now squares this triple conjunction, forming exact aspects to Chiron and Neptune only hours after the New Moon. Again the squares suggest huge inner shifts of perspective that need to be made. There may be a feeling of being judged or wounding not being accepted for one’s beliefs or ideas.

But ask if this is based in reality or fears of judgment and inner critical voice and wounds. Trusting reality and avoid imagination or paranoia to run away with itself — non-productive thoughts are a waste of time. If there is mistrust ask yourself if it is rooted in a present reality and fact, or based in perception. Be willing to be honest about your doubts and leave the door open for conversation. If anything these aspects are bringing a deeper inner awareness of ones “self” that is unmistakably unique. This individuality is your gift and not something to be feared. And what is a relationship if you cannot feel safe enough to feel vulnerable, knowing that you will be listened to.

Keep your mind focused on productive, constructive solutions, trust your instincts and be willing to voice genuine doubt. There is no harm in asking for time when the stakes are high; your honesty will likely be appreciated. We will be passing this way at least two more times before the end of this retrograde journey and this is a time to move in high awareness and no denial, being completely honest with oneself first of ones own needs. There is no use in giving away one’s power and then creating resentment.

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects though right now, is the lunation squares the Nodes of the Moon and will trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is probably one of the most powerful suggestion that we are at a collective turning point, not just in our individual lives but growth that spreads its roots of change wide on a global scale. We are likely to start to see some change in the economy although this will begin from a personal scale of reclaiming our own worth, power and potential to manifest the abundance available to us.

This is also bringing us to a mid-way point from the eclipses in Leo-Aquarius so it will be particularly useful to look back to events then to see the greater picture unfolding. This also time between the eclipses when Venus first entered its shadow phase and occupies approximately the same space in the sky today. This is the Taurus New Moon, if nothing else this is a time to go inward and find your center. Allow things to unfold at their natural, organic pace despite any threats of danger and urgency.

Know what is real can never leave you. As the New Moon trines a retrograde Pluto this is as strong and clear a sign for personal transformation to go deep and find ones own power — for there lies the seed of all emotional, creative and worldly abundance.

— Priya Kale, Taurus New Moon, Apr. 24, 2009, NYC

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