The Deluge… Pisces Total Solar Eclipse, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Venus enters Pisces

Cosmic Diaries for Week of March 8-16, 2016

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Dear Friends,

It’s another big magical week in the cosmos.

We’re in between Eclipses now, moving into a new cycle with the Pisces New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse took place on 12842545_10153278566765706_14538301_o(1)Tuesday Mar. 8, 2016 at 18+ Pisces.

Eclipses as you might know, or simply observing the events in your life, will mark periods of accelerated activity. When life tends to move faster, bringing us the awareness of greater cosmic forces at work. Especially now as you move forward from this Pisces Eclipses — every little action and inaction is rippling out in seen and unseen ways. This is a chance to wake up in the dream.

We set patterns for at least six months at the time of Eclipses; the coming two weeks are also bringing you a glimpse into the situations you will be working with over the coming six months. So its important to pay attention what you’re seeding now and do whatever you do consciously. Also, look back to what was unfolding at the end of September and October — you’re entering the next stage of evolution from then.

There are major aspects developing this week — a lot is shifting and there are major changes afoot.

Venus is now in her last days in Aquarius; she enters Pisces on Mar. 12, 2016 just in time for the weekend (under a Taurus Moon) and is moving towards juicy square to Mars in Sagittarius on Monday, Mar. 14, 2016, highlighting relationships, financial and creative situations. On the same day, Mercury make aspects to Saturn and Pluto — bringing you to an important turning point and fork in the road.

All this leading up to Jupiter’s (Rx) trine to Pluto on Mar. 16, 2016, bringing huge changes and opportunities to release dead-weight as we move to the Libra Lunar Eclipse, helping restore balance.

I’ve interpreted this and above aspects for the coming week in detail in this week’s Cosmic Diaries. Below, is an excerpt covering aspects through the weekend, starting with Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune in Pisces at 10 PM PST, March 10, 2016.

I’ll be back with more as time permits, but if you want to stay updated with the cosmic happenings, please consider getting a subscription to the service. Also, I’m in San Francisco and LA this month, so if you live in the area and would like an in-person Consultation, please email me and we can set something up.

I’m of course also available for sessions on phone and Skype — we’re between Eclipses, and it’s an opportune time to check in with the sky and make the most of it.

Cosmic Diaries for Mar. 8 – 16, 2016

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Excerpt ==

On March 10th, the Sun conjuncts Chiron, followed shortly by Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune in Pisces. These aspects ask for awareness, clarity – proceed with caution. With the Moon in Aries, it could be easy to move too fast and slip up, metaphorically or physically.

If something is confusing, foggy or unclear – wait till the clarity returns before making assumptions. Not all is as it seems, and you can’t believe everything you see or hear. Avoid assumptions the more you dissolve your perceptions you can start to see a greater truth.

With the Sun-Chiron conjunction, there might be bitter-sweet truths to face. You can lie to the world, but you can’t lie to yourself – so be in no denial. But the more honest you are, even about your wounds, you can receive grace and allow space for healing. Especially if you or anyone you know is struggling with addictions – whatever kind, this is an opportune moment to begin a healing process.

Venus in Pisces – March 12 – April 5, 2016

Venus is in her last days in Aquarius now – she enters Pisces the sign of her exaltation on March 12 until April 5, 2016.
At the time of her entry into Pisces, the Moon is in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation and Venus’ home sign – and this weekend is giving us a glimpse into the energy of the coming transit/weeks as Venus travels through Pisces.

Expect this weekend of March 12-13, 2016 to be grounding and perhaps even magical. This is very fertile energy in every sense – financially, emotionally, creatively and sexually – made for sensual pleasures, indulgence, romance, creativity, love, and all around good feels. Financially too – this could be stabilizing, opening you to a greater flow of abundance.

But it’s also important you have your bucket ready, when it starts to rain. Do what you need to do without expectations, and be open to receive… Continued. Read Full report.

Cosmic Diaries for Mar. 8 – 16, 2016

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