The Long Run… | Saturn squares Pluto; Venus conjuncts Mars; Mercury stations retrograde; Sun opposite Neptune and Chiron

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Dear Friends,

We reach a major threshold of evolution today as Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is an aspect that has been in the process of culmination since November of last year.

Also today, Venus conjuncts Mars, Mercury stations retrograde, the Sun opposes Neptune and Chiron — and these are only the major aspects. This is more than likely going to be a high-energy day and weekend, so keep your head about you.

As you may have read, the time when Mercury stands still before it changes (apparent) direction is when buried information tends to surface. With the Sun opposite Neptune, all is definitely not as it seems, and we can expect goof-ups or leaks in the media over the next couple of days. Watch judgments and the ways you feel judged.

With Venus and Mars in conjunction, expect heated passion in interactions within relationships. People are falling in love just as much as they may be getting cold feet and waking up from painful illusions to a sweeter reality. As I’ve said before (and keep reminding myself), don’t jump to conclusions; there is more to learn within a situation.

Here is an excerpt from the Leo New Moon report: “At the time of a conjunction, two or more planets occupy the same degree of the zodiac, fusing the energy of the planets. Mars and Venus most primarily represent male and female energy, love and sex, beauty and creation. Relationships are likely to get more serious at this time with things heating up considerably. This is not for the faint-hearted.

“This is extremely fertile energy, and we can expect a passionate encounter or two. At best this will be spent experiencing pleasure, creative colorful inspiration, deepening trust and commitments. But watch your ego, pride, jealousy and insecurity from standing in the way of expressing your heart’s true desires.”

The Mars-Venus conjunction in Libra, although heightening passion and desire, requires delicate handling. We are dealing with Libra; the scales represent the fine balance required in relationships. We can’t go marching in, enforcing rules, and expect to win hearts or allies.

Given that the aspect occurs at the time of the Saturn-Pluto square, its effects are sure to reverberate over a longer period of time. This energy reminds me of the song “The Long Run” by The Eagles.

There’s a level of diplomacy required at a time when the ego may be raging strong. With the Sun and Neptune in opposition, be aware of denial or of projecting mistrust based in your own insecurities. There is no need to dilute your radiance, but any overpowering desire to “outshine” others needs to be checked at the door. Only compassion and cooperation will see us through.

With Mercury in Virgo, avoid the tendency to worry or criticize. Look for solutions, resolutions and healing instead. There is nothing fundamentally “wrong” with any situation. The Capricorn Moon will trine Mercury at the time of the retrograde station, allowing us a deeper emotional understanding of the road ahead.

Tomorrow the Sun will oppose Chiron, offering an opportunity for blazing self-awareness and healing if we can be honest with ourselves and our hearts.

When one begins to follow the patterns of these heavenly bodies, it’s impossible to deny the divine order that exists within this Universe.

With the skies this full of passion, take the time to go enjoy your friends, turn up the volume and dance at home, appreciate art or just breathe in the beauty that surrounds you. It feels like a moment out of time. You won’t regret it. (And perhaps I will take my own advice and go see the Matisse exhibition I’ve been dying to.) Bye for now…

Passionately and Lovingly,



Note I’m writing a longer blog on the significance of the Venus-Mars conjunction among today’s aspects and what it means for our relationships. It should be up on the site a little later today or early tomorrow, so please check back in.

Also I’m in the midst of recording a set of audios for your Love and Money Forecast for the rest of 2010 based on this Venus-Mars conjunction. I’ll have details on how you can order these on the site in a day or so, as well. You can listen to an Intro at this link.


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