Thunder Road…: Sagittarius Full Moon

 “There’s been rumors of war and wars that have been
The meaning of life has been lost in the wind
And some people thinkin’ that the end is close by
’Stead of learnin’ to live they are learnin’ to die”

— Bob Dylan, Let Me Die In My Footsteps

 NEW — Video: June 13-28, 2014 Sagittarius Full Moon, Gemini-Sagittarius

Dear Friends,

The Full Moon approacheth, can you feel it? Tonight (just after midnight in NY) Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio at 12:08 AM EDT minutes before the Sagittarius Full Moon at 12:11 AM EDT on June 13, 2014.

The Venus-Saturn just before the Full Moon feels like “a long arduous climb on an endless stairway to the gates of heaven.” Once the Full Moon aligns the heaviness lifts, the energy breaks, taking us to the other side, where there can be a real experience of freedom and “heaven on earth.”

Remember this now — when faced with a dilemma, a choice or a sense of divisiveness or polarity, especially in relationships, financial situations and conversations — there is a middle and third way forward. Accept your limitations and you can go beyond them. We’re going down thunder road, and there’s still magic in the night.

Also, given it’s the Full Moon and Mercury is retrograde I’m offering a discount on Astrology and Tarot Consultations booked by Sunday June 15, 2014 at the links below.

Sorry this is short, but I’ve been at my desk all day with the 2015 Horoscopes and the Sagittarius Full Moon report and I need to get out for a while.But I will be back tomorrow hopefully with a video, sample horoscopes and an excerpt from the Sagittarius Full Moon after it is sent out to subscribers.

In the meanwhile, as someone just said to me, “Breathe fully, get outside more (and thus away from the electronics, and I’ll do the same), and keep the faith UP” and have a blessed Full Moon.




Mercury retrograde Discount on Consultations if you book by Sunday June 15, 2014.

(You can purchase multiple Consultations, which can be used at a later date.)

Tarot Consultation (60 min) — $100.00 (Regular $125.00)

One Astrology Consultation (60 min) – Discount – $125.00 (Reg. $165)

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