Truly Winter’s Grace…

Winter’s Grace

Even as a child I knew that

Winter was God’s favorite.

Barren trees boldly proclaiming
Their truths, no modesty, naked
Bark, fleshy scars, storied limbs of lovers
Children crawling through the Labyrinth-like branches
Twisted like souls knotted together.

That is winter.

God’s favorite season.

— Niles U. Comer


Dear Friends,

A quick hello, I just had to say thank you for all those good vibes. They helped and I’ve seen more miracles than one in the past three days.

I don’t think there is any coincidence that I posted Niles’ poem last night. I woke up this morning to a snow storm outside, it felt like God was pouring buckets of peace on earth. So I got dressed ran out and had a fun play snow day for Priya.

So pictures to follow shortly, along with a check in with the astrology… I assure you I haven’t forgotten and I am paying attention to whats going on up there. It’s that time of the year when I eat, sleep, dream aspects. But I am learning now, that if we watch what’s going on inside we don’t really need to look up.

Life like love is pure, white, fluffy like peace, wild snow and indeed like “Winter’s Grace”…




A little while later….

Wow… It feels like eternity since Tuesday and maybe even more. When I say something shifted I mean it, and if you haven’t felt it already it’s coming. But it’s more subtle than I expected, more inner than outer — slick…

Nothing like a Mutable Grand Cross to release stuck energy… This weekend the Moon moves past the last quarter bringing us to another turning point. It is time to make adjustments after the revelations of the Full Moon. If you make even the slightest effort now to release the past, the changes are likely to roll in like psychic thunder.

The Moon is now in Libra after intense Virgo get-the-job-done energy (I know I felt that one) and with Venus in Aquarius, the next couple of days seem to be perfect for celebrating and enjoying the festive spirit. It is going to be easier to relate and appreciate beauty in the small things. God is indeed in the details.

Sunday around 7 AM EST the Sun will enter Capricorn and will conjunct Pluto overnight, early Monday morning. Life is changing faster than we can imagine. A Sun-Pluto is a transformation to the core; destruction of the ego, elevating and evolving our souls in the circle of life. Change or die it says.

Mars follows the Sun and will conjunct Pluto at the time of the Capricorn New Moon. I cannot stress how powerful a time we are in now. Use this period for release, especially anger, rage, pain, passion, desire, attachment, jealousy, wounds of sexual abuse, addiction, power struggles…Just let it all go. This is the start and the end of a two year cycle. We are setting powerful patterns and in an earth sign they are forming the very foundation of our life for this next era of Pluto in Capricorn.

Don’t underestimate your power as a human or an angel. The conjunctions to Pluto are also squaring the Aries Point, a not so subtle reminder that one person can and indeed DOES touch many lives. Butterflies can indeed cause storms. Just as much as snowflakes can make an entire city smile.

I walked to Central Park today in the snow and it felt like pure grace on my face — and I am not trying to rhyme. The snow seemed to white wash my soul to nothingness. There is no other way to describe it. I felt like I was walking in Niles’ poem, quite surreal actually. I walked past a playground, made a snow angel, then made another; lay in the snow for a while watching it come down on my face and threw snowballs at a wall until my fingers began to freeze reminding me I am human indeed.

As I made my way back home following footsteps in the snow, (having fallen down at least five times since I left home) I saw the most curious set of bird footprints intermingled with human ones. I thought it was a joke, it looked like a cartoon. I followed them and caught the culprits right in their tracks – eating a little piece of bread. I have seen God, and today I have proof. I will be back a little later tonight with pictures from my snow ‘holy’ day.

I’m off now to my annual Christmas party at the Irish bar downstairs (yes, I live above a bar) for all the regulars. How I found this place or this place “here” is a story for another day, but all I know is suddenly no matter where I go… I am home.

— Priya in a snowy white NYC

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