Uranus trines Eros

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As you may have noticed – I’ve had a terrifying day with WordPress. I thought I lost the blog with months of writing… BUT all is well now, and we can get back to the aspects….

It was a relatively quiet sky today (Tuesday evening as I write) with no major aspects between planets. The Moon continues her journey through Leo and is now past the South Node and opposes Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. There may be a feeling of being pulled between what you want and what is expected of you. If we can release selfish desires and focus on creating and loving for the sheer joy of it, we may be able to find this crucial balance

Overnight Uranus trines Eros an aspect that should spill its energy through the day. Eros’ energy can be deeply erotic and passionate, it represents the electric creative energy that is life itself. The aspect is asking us to break through our emotional and creative barriers and reach for something the soul yearns for. This can be deeply erotic energy if explored and a time to try something different. Unexpected bursts of passion may have us on the receiving end of deliciously wet and wild surprises.

Now the Sun is at the end of its stay in Scorpio and will leave the sign on Friday, ingressing Sagittarius. When the Sun reaches the last degrees of a sign its energy is always most potent, like a pregnant rain cloud. In Scorpio with Pluto about to change signs only ten days from today, we are in a process of re-birth and the message is of surrender.

Yesterday I saw a very interesting documentary on the History channel on the Tibetan Book of Dead. It is an ancient manuscript written to help understand and guide a soul through his journey in the after life. Funeral rituals involve monks chanting verses of this sacred text meant to help guide the departed soul through this 49 day journey. It describes the different stages or ‘Bardos” a soul goes through.

In the ‘Bardo of Becoming’, after the body dies, the soul encounters the realm of peaceful deities and their polar opposite the wrathful deities (reflecting the illusory duality of the mind) and finally a meeting with ‘Yama,’ the God of Death himself. But if one is able to ‘center’ themselves through this phase and recognize the illusion it can pass this test and then have the choice to attain ‘moksha’ or liberation or choose the greater gift — life. In choosing re-birth as a human, one can come back as a ‘Bodhi-sattva’ and alleviate the suffering of the rest of humanity with ones own new found awareness.

Buddhist monks spend countless hours creating exquisite and beautifully detailed sand ‘mandalas.’ – a form of meditation. Poignantly, as soon as the creation is completed, it is destroyed. A gentle reminder of the transience of life and its eternal cycle.

We create our reality in the now, and life is gift to be enjoyed in the present for that is all that exists. Eros is also now close to forming perfect sextiles with Jupiter and Saturn as they trine this week. This is extremely fertile and supportive energy. If we are able to pour our passion into something our soul yearns for, we may be about to receive tangible proof of our efforts.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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