Venus conjuncts Saturn in Virgo

Venus is now in Virgo and conjuncts Saturn today at 12:02 PM in New York, 5:02 PM in the UK and in the early hours of tomorrow morning in Australia. Financially and emotionally this is signalling the end and the beginning of a new cycle.

Venus is said to be ‘exalted’ in Pisces and in her ‘fall’ in Virgo. When a planet is exalted in a sign, it embodies and enhances the purest qualities of the planet.

In Pisces the sign of cosmic consciousness, Venus is in her most exalted state as the archetype of the “divine feminine.” Here she represents the highest manifestations of art, music, beauty and her soulful, transcendental expression of unconditional divine love. In his discourse on Baul mystics (you can read it here), Osho describes the Venus in Pisces energy perfectly — when you love, it’s like God has found you “It is always God who loves.”

Virgo (the opposite sign of Pisces) is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, making it an intensely mental sign; like the Magician card in the Tarot that manifests thought into matter. Although Venus is an earth sign herself, this is where she is least able to express her natural qualities — how can you be logical or analytical about something as magical and illogical as love?

Virgo’s need to see the materialization of our fruits of our efforts (be it in love or financially,) is one of the reasons Venus is in her fall in this sign. Virgo operates very logically and with almost all personal planets in Virgo right now, there is a tendency to be overly critical and analytical.

With Venus in Virgo we need to focus on the healing power of love, financially — we need to trust that if we work with sincerity the rewards will come and creatively — we need to remember to let go of our self-critical, analytical tendencies.

This is Goddess energy that needs to flow; as Venus opposes Borasisi today, it is a time to be positive and soulful in our communication with others, gentle with ourselves and in touch with a cosmic reality and law.

Now is the time to deepen and strengthen our commitment to those relationships that help us grow into healthier human beings and bring us closer to a higher truth — these are usually the most difficult ones. Because like Saturn, they hold us responsible and accountable. Saturn makes you “do” what is “good for you.”

The Venus-Saturn conjunction suggests, we are crossing a huge threshold and the more difficult something feels, it just a clue that we are indeed on the right track, at the point of breakthrough. Mercury is still on the “other” side of Saturn — approaching in conjunction. Which means our minds haven’t yet crossed this barrier and right now, we are being asked to go forward on faith in what the heart feels. What we are learning is the essence of our emotions in their most organic, natural state.

Only what is pure can pass through, the rest we are going to have to leave behind; be they negative emotions or relationships, that is the only promise of Saturn. If something is able to withstand this pressure, trust it is only being pruned so it can grow more lush.

We are in the process of manifesting the highest qualities of the divine feminine in earthly form. Right now, the heart has more wisdom, strength and resilience than the mind is able to comprehend or put into words.

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Wednesday 13 August 2008

02:01:31 UT – Mercury (4 vi 44’40”) sextile Deucalion (4 sc 44’40”)
07:48:54 UT – Venus (8 vi 46’50”) trine Asbolus (8 ta 46’50”)
13:06:58 UT – Crantor (13 sa 26’31” Rx) square Typhon (13 vi 26’31”)
14:11:35 UT – Venus (9 vi 6’26”) opposite Borasisi (9 pi 6’26” Rx)
17:02:59 UT – Venus (9 vi 15’12”) conjunct Saturn (9 vi 15’12”)
18:50:53 UT – Sun (21 le 22’40”) square Sedna (21 ta 22’40”)
20:39:24 UT – Mercury (6 vi 6’38”) square Pholus (6 sa 6’38” Rx)
22:24:13 UT – Mercury (6 vi 14’16”) sextile Chariklo (6 sc 14’16”)
22:35:15 UT – Vesta (12 ta 18’20”) square Nessus (12 aq 18’20” Rx)

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