Venus in Aquarius opposes Mars in Leo | Leading to Saturn-Pluto square and Leo Full Moon…

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A quick hello as things heat up,

It’s a big week — but I don’t think you need astrology to tell you that. We leading up to the Leo Full Moon on January 30, 2010 at 1:17 AM EST; 6:17 AM UT; 4:17 PM AEST, as Saturn squares Pluto the next day.

But first tonight as Venus opposes Mars in Leo, there could be lover’s quarrels, as well as a recognition of awakening passion and desire. Currently Venus and the Sun are in a close conjunction and the Full Moon this week will be conjunct Mars. There could be tension now, but the energy will release after the Full Moon bringing resolution and release to a lot that seems difficult right now.

We are wrestling with something difficult with the Saturn – Pluto square it would seem, but this is an internal struggle of readjusting boundaries, releasing guilt. We can shift something, but the Venus-Mars aspects with the Full Moon, suggest there are creative solutions to what seems so serious. Mars-Venus contacts highlight creative, financial and relationship situations.

With Mars retrograde in Leo we are being asked to push through the insecurities or look at the source of anger. Look closely at issues surrounding pride, or a bruised ego or fears stand in the way of expression your true feelings. Venus in Aquarius suggests a need to be light-hearted yet honest, rather than disconnect, detach or isolate.

With the planets in air and fire signs, creatively, financially and sexually this is a necessary inflaming of energy, passion and desire, so we realize what truly matters.  this can be a passionate release of energy. Sometime it takes a little friction to get the sparks going, for change to happen.

Just be aware of what you truly want to happen in your heart – and work towards that. At any given time we are contributing to either the cycle of creation or destruction in our lives. Both are necessary, but just know which one you are contributing to. Often we end up standing the way of our own happiness and self-sabotaging. Let go of guilt and look closely at any boundaries we feel we “should” not cross.

Any restriction we feel is pointing to a need to push past our own past that holds us from making authentic choices in the present. True to who we are today.




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