Venus in Scorpio in T-square with Mars in Leo and Nessus in Aquarius

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Venus in Scorpio is now in a T-square to Mars in Leo and Nessus in Aquarius. Anytime Venus and Mars aspect each other we are likely to see activity between our relationships and financial situations.

We are turning a corner but this an inner transformation that eventually changes our ability to respond to the external — honestly and courageously. This can be a passionate, creative, sexual, fertile climate. But watch for projecting anger onto a situation that you cannot control.

With Venus at the apex of this configuration in Scorpio, there is a need for letting go, surrender and evolution from base impulses. Watch how issues of power struggles stand in the way of experiencing a greater depth of connection. Recognize and acknowledge your own desires and values towards sex, money, creativity and relationships. Even the darker aspects surrounding jealousy, possessiveness or fear of letting go of past attachments.

When there is a T-square we look at the sign opposite from the planet at the apex to balance the energy. In this case Taurus suggests staying rooted in our deepest values. Recognize the value of what is being offered — sexually, financially, creatively and emotionally.

Go beyond the physical reality to the subtler exchange of energy that takes place. The key phrase for Nessus is said to be “the buck stops here.” So there may be a feeling of reaching a point of no return. Nessus can speak of sexual abuse or deeper psychological abuse handed down through generations. In Aquarius, it points to the deeper wounds we carry around of being able to accept our own individuality and desires. Mars in Leo is asking to reclaim our self-confidence and most passionate sense of “being.”

The Moon is still in Sagittarius and also Mars trines the Great Attractor in Sagittarius shortly before the T-square aspect culminates. This is fiery, creative energy, driving us to find core passion. If we are able to act on our best intentions and deepest, purest desires, there could be gold to be mined.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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