Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn

Venus is now in Taurus and trines Pluto in Capricorn under the potent energy of the Full Moon that is still in effect. Now void of course in Sagittarius, the Moon has passed its square to Uranus and sextile to the triple conjunction in Aquarius. At 2:59 PM EST, she enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto about 5 hours later triggering Venus’ trine to Pluto.

There have been emotionally polarizing dramas we’ve been playing out which can rarely be understood by the mind. As the Moon sweeps through the zodiac making and triggering aspects with planets expect there to be more revelations. Where we are open there can be healing now.

As Venus trines Pluto, we are being asked to look at what is real and let go of old rules. Venus in Taurus her home sign is sensual, creative, earthy abundant energy teaching us to recognize the deep value of the material world not just through our senses but down to our core. As she trines Pluto this can be deeply sensual, sexual energy transforming the heart into a recognition of something divine yet in the flesh.

Relationships are rarely something we can get into with preconceived notions or past comparisons, we can only go by what we feel today. Just because something worked in the past within one relationship does not mean it holds true today. Look at what is present and real in your life now, we cannot change what we feel in our heart or in our bodies — but we can surrender the mind and its darker thoughts to discover the true potential in something if we allow it a chance to be. The Sagittarius Full Moon as it conjuncts Pluto is asking us to keep faith and purge the past for a new beginning.

Financially and creatively as well this is extremely stabilizing energy that can help ground thought and rework old business plans to rediscover hidden potential. It may mean letting go of superficial ideas of success to understand the core values of your business. That is what will make the difference between surviving and thrive. As the Moon conjuncts Pluto still in trine to Venus — we can expect the recent revelations to be grounded with this energy bringing us to point of deep surrender and transformation.

With personal planets Venus, Mars and Mercury all in Taurus the emphasis is on values. How we feel about ourselves generally extends out into our experience of the world. There are deep treasures waiting to be discovered and experienced through the senses but understand that even the physical body is only a vessel and channel for a greater divine force that lives and breathes through us.

Venus in Taurus suggests all material abundance and sensual pleasure and creativity comes from recognizing the power of the source to manifest into our lives if we can nurture and value it…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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