Venus ingresses Scorpio, Chiron trines Pallas

Venus has now entered the world of Scorpio suggesting our hearts, financial situation and creative impulses are about to undergo a deep and profound transformation. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is the sign that rules the 8th house of the zodiac, representing everything people don’t like to talk about — sex, drugs, death, money, power among a few.

As suggested by its rulers, this sign contains within it an irresistible drive and potential for total resurrection. Venus is not at her most natural state in this sign. Venus the ruler of Libra and Taurus (opposite signs of Aries and Scorpio respectively) and here it feels like she is a guest in an world opposite to hers. It may feel like we are having to step out of comfort zone within our relationships. There is an intensity to emotion, that if not checked can turn very quickly to jealousy and wanting to control a situation or person.

As Venus passes through this part of the zodiac its time we consciously explored the deeper recesses of the heart. We are learning that love is not something that can be manipulated. We can’t control another persons feelings towards us, nor can we control our love for someone. Love is something that happens through us and to us and in only in a complete surrender of ego can we begin to even fathom its alchemical, divine, eternal depth.

One of the most beautiful things I have ever heard is ‘when you love, it’s like God has found you.’ Let the feelings flow — its only when we give up our addiction to pain and control, that healing and transformation can begin. Today Chiron in Aquarius (conjunct North Node) trines Pallas, suggesting we can now rise above our natural defensiveness and work with the higher awareness pulling us forward in the midst of everything that seems so uncertain.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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