Venus Retrograde Horoscope

Venus Retrograde Horoscopes (12 Signs) – $5.99

(Read Sample Horoscopes below. These long-range horoscopes are valid for Venus’ retrograde transit in Capricorn — Dec. 21, 2013 to Jan. 31, 2014.)

Sample Horoscopes: Venus retrograde in Capricorn (till Jan. 31, 2014)

— by Priya Kale

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Aries. Illustration by Arun Kale

“There is valuable information surfacing and an opportunity you thought had passed you by is turning around to meet you. But remember this is not a competition…”Read Full Horoscope



“No human has power above you, that mantle is only reserved for a higher power. And as you awaken to the higher power that resides within you, you can be guided to where you need to go…” Read Full Horoscope




” No relationship is perfect, but as long as there is love and respect, you can let go of all the resurrect and strengthen love and intimacy in a connection, or deepen a new relationship based on solid foundations…”Read Full Horoscope



“The more you let go of the superficial “rules” surrounding relationships, expectations of society or parents, you can begin to see what is precious, worth preserving and working for — the love you share…” Read Full Horoscope



“Let your heart be your guiding post now. If you find yourself doing anything with any sense of obligation, expectation of gain or because of how you will be perceived you are walking a slippery slope…”Read Full Horoscope



“…You could learn something that is heart wrenching or bitter sweet. There may even be a past lover coming back into your life, or an opportunity to rediscover the love in a present relationship, but stay in the present…”Read Full Horoscope




” Let go of old models of security, then you can tap into the true source of your wealth, what’s precious in your life and the foundations you want to build your legacy on…” Read Full Horoscope






“As long as you are being honest, speak and listen from the heart, you can re-negotiate important relationships as well as a financial situation so it brings you the security and commitment you need…” Read Full Horoscope




” It doesn’t matter what something looks like or goes against the grain of what you were taught to believe. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and what matters is your values and how you feel about someone or something…” Read Full Horoscope



“…It doesn’t matter what you look like, how rich, beautiful, talented or successful you are. What matters is how you are in your heart of hearts…..”Read Full Horoscope


“Contrary to romantic notions, a relationship with a “soul-mate”, will dig deep into the darker corners of your soul; and ask you to confront your inner demons, before you can embrace the depth of love it has have to offer you…”Read Full Horoscope

Pisces. Illustration by Arun Kale.

” Let go of your attachments to superficial social status or trying to keep up with the Jones’, then you can connect with and manifest your greatest potential…” Read Full Horoscope


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