Venus retrograde in Aries, Mars conjunct Chiron and weekend astrology

It’s been a powerful few days in the cosmos, with a powerful stellium of Mars, Mercury Chiron and Neptune electrifying the energy all around. If things have seemed whackier than normal the Aquarian energy surely has something to do with it. Late last night in the US and soon after mid-night in the UK spreading tremendous waves of deep awareness that has likely been quite a painful cross to bear.

With all the Aquarius energy I’ve said it before and I hope you’ve been remembering to take deep breaths and I mean that literally. This is a heck of a lot of air energy and Mars and Chiron together can be a dynamic force for movement of stuck energy. Depending on our level of awareness and ability to find essence in the midst of chaos, this can be a hugely liberating and creative force. Slicing through matter and mental energy, like only the hand of spirit — the divine surgeon could. This may have dredged up deep painful wounds, perhaps physical or perhaps more deeply psychological or connected with addictions that we would do well not to deny – because in essence only in allowing the pain, rage, anger and emotion to bleed and breathe out into the ethers, can we be freed of it.

Which is why awareness is extremely important because how we dispel the toxic emotional wounded energy matters — because rage from our own wounds can hurt another’s spirit, which in turn creates and perpetuates our experience of pain. When there is self-awareness we are able to find the essence of what we are gong through truthfully being honest with ourselves (because that is all that really matters) and the not projecting it out on to the world and people around. These are tricks of the mind – and Aquarius is asking us to move beyond to the higher realms of consciousness.

On Sunday Mars conjuncts Neptune and Mercury ingresses Pisces. If we can watch the tendency to be in denial of something, or escape into the mental fantasy land, this can be truly a spiritually cleansing experience; for the mind as well as forces of fear, rage and pain that threaten to destroy our inner peace. Use this time speak the soulful truth arising deep within you and allow it to wash away the nervousness that may have arisen with this energy. fate and free-will are concepts that occur only in the duality in of the mind, not in Oneness. But with Mercury now in Pisces, if we can allow our thoughts to dissolve into the cosmic life force we can allow in a flow of divine inspiration.

Also, today Venus begins her rare retrograde in Aries. Venus represents the primary creative force of the Divine feminine, that keeps life going. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and Libra, an earth and air sign she represents beauty, pleasure, love, creativity, abundance, relationships. In Aries, her force feels more fiery than we are used to experiencing — she has just been birthed from the womb of the divine cosmic energy of Pisces and here she is like the coiled serpent come to life – alive and breathing fire.

They say this is a difficult placement for Venus – but truthfully it is only as difficult as we allow it to be. Unfortunately the world we live in still does not afford us the right as women to go out and get what we want — especially love. It can be a little scary and challenging to the ego, when met with a powerful feminine force. Aries, ruled by Mars (Yang to Venus’ Yin force) is one of the most raw, primal sexual energy there is.  It must have been Venus in Aries that tamed Leo beast in the Strength card; perfectly aligned with her essential fire spirit able to tame animal instincts or her male counterpart.

But again energy is energy and only in awareness of our own can we learn to manage it like masters and magicians. Be willing to ask yourself now just how much passion, love and feeling the fire is worth it to you. When it comes to relationships we make the mistake of assuming that another person is responsible for the fiery passion we feel, as raging primal force or being more than a few decades old in earth years and then feeling the rush – that comes with a first love. Aries is the child of the zodiac and here Venus wants to be able to love freely like a child.

As she goes retrograde this is a good time to examine what you want out of love, creativity and success in your life. What are your values about money and success? How much do your selfish desires stand in the way of you getting what you really need — rather than what you think you want – or what you think will make you happy. Remember when we are dealing with the heart – thinking does no good. Perceptions have no place, nor any clue about the way the heart works. Right now it would be best if we followed the burning feeling we feel in the heart and see where it leads us to within ourselves. If we do the “work” right and not allow perceptions to fog our inner reality, Venus in Aries is teaching us to find and reconnect with an essential fire we felt long before heart break was experienced. As I have said before – the heart never breaks, only the ego does and then love is set free.

Personally, this is a powerful transit as Venus stations retrograde right on my Venus Mars conjunction; and this transit takes place in my solar 12th… so needless to say I’ve been rather introspective. I know I haven’t been here as much – but this has been time with family that I need to experience. Although I’ve been a I know I seem little off the planet to them as well…

Early Sunday morning I leave with my parents and a few family friends for Ratnagiri, a city in Maharashtra about 5 hours away from Bombay. I have never been and incidentally my father’s ancestors come from a village near there. Not sure if we will visit, my Dad has never been himself — but regardless I am excited to see where the Universe wants to lead me.

It’s Friday evening here in Mumbai, as New York awakens — this blog covers the astrology for the next few days. I will be back with the Weekly Horoscopes on Monday. We are staying at a hotel where I have been told I will have internet so I should be able to check in with the blog at some point while I am there. I return early Wednesday, the morning after the Pisces Full Moon — Holika Pornima here in India, marking the end of winter and the arrival of spring…

I am off to see my old college friends and later to see my little cousins. Hope you are well where ever you are…

Priya in Mumbai


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The picture above is only one of the long promised pictures of my mother’s exhibition — Expressions in Wood at Nehru Center, Mumbai earlier this month. I will post more very soon – it’s taken me longer than expected to organize all the photos but I’m almost there and will post more very soon in a separate blog.

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