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Hello and welcome to a new day,

There’s a couple of important aspects developing today at around Noon on the East Coast of the US, later in the evening and night in UK and Australia bringing relationships, creative and financial situations to a head.

Mercury in Aquarius (approaching in conjunction to Neptune and Chiron) squares Pallas in Scorpio. Within all conversations, especially surrounding emotional, financial or intimate situations recognize your own motives. Similarly in any conversations that you feel attacked, before reacting check your own defenses. Avoid trying to manipulate the truth. Honesty would be the best policy, but recognize the power of words to hurt or heal a situation. And be honest with yourself first.

Squares point to an inner resolution and turning point that needs to be reached. We can have important negotiations and reach a deeper penetrative understanding. With intimate relationships, issues surrounding financial or sexual boundaries seem to be highlighted. It will be easier to speak your truth, if you can first be honest with yourself about your needs and fears of rejection that keep you from expressing them.

Minutes after the Mercury-Pallas square, Venus in Pisces sesquiquadrates Mars in Leo. Any time Mars and Venus connect, relationships, finances and creativity are highlighted. There is a creative solution to something that has become a burning issue. Be fluid, hopeful and reach beyond any sense of disillusionment to something the heart desires. The aspect could reawaken desires we had long given up on, bringing fresh hope.

Mars is now slowing to halt in Leo and stations direct in less than two weeks on March 11, 2010. This transit has burned a hole through egos, asking us to confront our insecurities. But only in getting to the heart of a matter can we turn it around. In Leo this is asking us to finding self-confidence and our core fearless, spontaneous being.

Expect relationships to come to a boiling point today. Avoid letting fear, doubt, suspicion to cloud one’s interactions and avoid projecting hurt feelings onto a situation. Once we can own the ways in which we feel hurt, we can respond in honesty rather than explode, react in aggression or defensiveness like wounded animals. Even if things get too hot to handle, with awareness we could bring just the touch of grace that soothes a burning wound. In any relationship ask yourself if you’d rather be right or happy?

With the Moon now in Cancer [heading to full at the end of the week] it trines the planets in Pisces over today and tomorrow. As she connects with the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus, if we can come out of our shell and be honest with our feelings we reach new depths of understanding, deepening connection. Be guided by intuition and overcome the reluctance to open up. With a little effort this can release a flood of what we need. Creatively, financially, intimately we could be about to strike gold. Pour your heart into your passion.

On that note, I would like to offer a gentle reminder: This is a free blog and I hope to keep it that way and continue posting regularly. It does though take a generous portion of my day and your contributions will go a long way in helping me support the site.

I put up this website on Feb. 12, 2008 [after Niles’ incessant insistence] overnight with my friend Geetanjali in Mumbai. Since the seed was planted, the website has grown like a wild bush in need of pruning.

I am working to re-design the website but as you can imagine this requires a great deal of time, energy and investment, aside from the time it takes for me to maintain the current website and write.

If you feel like you receive something from this pages and are in a position to give back, I would greatly appreciate your generosity and assistance at this time.

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With Love and Passion,

Priya Kale, NYC


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