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HOROSCOPE UPDATE : To Subscribers – Your Weekly Horoscopes will be available for download on the site Saturday.

To those who have ordered the 2010 Annual Horoscopes — I am down to my last round of edits for the horoscopes. A huge thanks to Niles who has helped me with editing so far. And to Joy Owens in Maryland, Apoorva (my brother) in Brooklyn and Rosanna White, currently in Brazil (on holiday and still offered to help,) and Mihika (my friend) in Pune, India who are all waiting anxiously on stand-by starting tomorrow to help proof the final horoscopes as soon as I can have them.

I hoped to have the passwords mailed out to you late Sunday, but realistically it may be next week — I will be back with an update on Sunday regardless. I sincerely apologize for this delay. You have been extremely patient and kind thus far and I truly appreciate your patience and understanding just a little longer. I assure you I am working around the clock to get these out to you with all the information that is pertinent for this milestone of a year. You can reach me at any time to check in on updates by emailing me at


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Hello All,

Just quickly checking in with the astrology… It’s 3:00 AM EST on Friday as I write this, just a couple of hours ago Venus in Aquarius trined Saturn in Libra. This may have helped in being able to clear the air and stabilize important financial and personal relationships and situations.

Speak from the heart when you can. Venus in Aquarius suggests the need for honesty and trust that those that love us will love us for who we are. But recognize this kind of a connection is a two-way street, and if we want to be accepted it is also important to extend love, trust and acceptance to others.

Recognizing that love needs space to breathe, but we can find a way to have our needs met. When it comes to creativity and finances to truly capitalize on a genius idea, it takes effort to create and manifest something into reality, but the rewards are always worth it.

The Moon remains in Aries through the day and enters Taurus late Friday at 11:28 PM EST; on Saturday in UK and Australia. Use the weekend to ground yourself in what and who you value.

Also, given the astrology of the Eclipses and the global reality we live in, I have been posting excerpts from Painted Soul. I will re-post the Cancer and Capricorn Eclipe reports in the coming days and get back on the blog sooner rather than later.

Thank you for all your love and energy at this time,


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