Weekend Astology: Venus conjuncts Juno in Gemini | Moon in Sagittarius moving to Capricorn

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Welcome to the weekend!

We’re still under the energy of the Full Moon that brought intense revelations to light.

Currently the Moon is waning in Sagittarius bringing a resurrection of spirit. As she trines Mars in Leo later Friday in the US and overnight and early Saturday in Australia – expect to feel fired up with renewed optimism and confidence after the emotional density of past few days.

On Friday, the Sag Moon opposes Venus and Juno in Gemini reflecting a higher truth about our partnerships and financial and intimate agreements. Be wise and try to gain perspective on a situation that may have you pretty divided.

Juno astrologically represents ‘the bone of contention’ in a relationship. The Venus-Juno conjunction exacts late Saturday evening in the US, after midnight and early Sunday in UK and Australia respectively. Allow for a deeper communication to see the “whole” picture. There will always be two sides to the story, but only in surrendering the need to be “right” can both people “win.” There’s no need to fight to be heard, seek understanding to bridge that divide.

Around this time the Moon squares Jupiter in Pisces, the energy is likely feel to boundless and expansive. It may be question of finding one’s inner faith – not the kind we were taught, but the one that we were born with. This also rather impulsive energy, and there may be a feeling of wanting to escape something. But there’s deep wisdom coming through which is nothing to fear – so listen, before you leap.

On Sunday at 9:59 AM UT the Moon enters Capricorn and sextiles Chiron in Pisces. This is likely to bring healing after all the recent intensity, soak in the energy to regain your sense of purpose. As she moves towards her conjunction to Pluto (8:03 PM UT) it’s time to make solid changes in light of what has transpired over the past few days. Get down to business.

May is this is the final run up to the period between June and September when the face of our personal world and ‘the’ world is changing. Don’t be in hurry to reach conclusions, but stay with the process.

Over the next two weeks, as we move to New Moon in Taurus, work on releasing all negative emotions and attachments to the past that keep you from appreciating the value of what IS. Look at it as clearing the ‘weeds’, to make way for greater stability and abundance to take root.

I’ll be back with Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes over the next couple of days along with more astrology and site updates. Until then take care and have a fabulous weekend…

With Love,


Note about Consultations :

We stand in a monumental time of transition as a collective and as individuals. Take advantage of this exceptional cosmic climate and schedule a Personal Astrology Consultation.

Also — I am aware that financially this is not the easiest time for most, with unemployment rates as high as they are.

In light of this, I have decided starting May — I would like to offer 5 readings a month for those unemployed or in extreme financial distress on a sliding scale of whatever you can afford.

Although I would like to offer more, as you may imagine I have limits on my time given my writing schedule and trying to earn a living. But if you find yourself in need of guidance with limited resources, please email me and we can work something out.

Consultations will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis, taking into account urgency of the situation. So please include a note describing your circumstances. I will keep a waiting list in case I can’t get to you immediately.

Thank you for your attention,

— pk


Special Note re: Online Workshop

I’ve had emails in the recent weeks asking if I would do an Online Workshop or Webinar; which would accessible from your computer, with a high-speed internet connection.

If this is something you would be interested in please email me at priya@priyakale.com, so I can get a sense of the interest in the project.

Also, feel free to mention any particular topics you might be interested in learning.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,



For those of you that emailed me in response to this note — Thank you. I will be in touch shortly with more details.

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