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I’ve just finished writing the Taurus Full Moon Report which should be available for download sometime later today. Please check this page for updates. Thanks!

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Dear Friends and Readers,

Its been a long week, with change fast becoming the norm of this new world we stand in. The Moon has moved into Pisces now and there is a feeling of melting emotions after the crisp electric energy of the past few days. Late Friday, in the early hours of Saturday we are building towards a Sun square Chiron aspect offering a chance for healing and release.

With Chiron the message is always one of awareness and squares produce tension forcing us to come to a resolution. We are also now heading towards the taurus FUll Moon early next week, reflecting the light of the Scorpio Sun. With the Sun now in Scorpio we are changing, having to let go, release and surrender all control if we want re-birth.

Todays aspect is helping us rise to that level of awareness, which may mean confronting a few painful demons before they can be released. Be willing to ask yourself the hard questions — what is your role in this collective awakening we are in the midst of on this planet? Chiron energy if not worked with consciously, quickly escalates into chaos — depending on the situation can take one to edge of consciousness if it has to, to get you “wake up.” But it doesn’t have to get to that extreme if we work with this internally.

Chiron and Scorpio are both energies that bring transformation from the level of body to soul. It is important to look at all toxic influences in our life, from physical addictions, any patterns of abuse, how we feel about our bodies, sexuality, what we’ve been taught to conform to and which keeps us from listening to that voice inside screaming for help. If we are able to make the difficult but necessary changes, we are truly getting a chance to heal wounds that have long left a scar deep in our individual and collective psyche.

Over the weekend Venus conjuncts the Galactic Center and will move towards her conjunction to Pluto only a day before the Full Moon. No doubt this is setting the sky ablaze and we can expect financial and emotional situations to come to a culmination point. I’ve explained these aspects in detail in the Taurus Full Moon report which should be up on the site later today.

This weekend, as she conjuncts the GC this weekend under a Pisces Moon, we are getting a glimpse into the heart of the divine and its truth for us. We can be bathed in this light, that may come through as wisdom or a simple understanding of a vision if we are willing to be open and receive it.

Have a great weekend… Be safe and if you can, spend it with someone who sees the magic in you…

With love,

Priya, NYC


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