Diving into the Heart of God: Sun in Pisces sesquiquadrates Mars in Leo; Venus ingresses Aries and trines Mars in Leo; Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Pisces

Dear Friends and Readers,

It’s been one hell of a season with Mars in its long retrograde in Leo. Now as it nears its direct station it’s burning a hole through the first degree of the sign.

At this time may feel like an extreme depletion of heart energy as we near the end of this transit. This transit has torn down the defenses and ego, asking us to find the true source of our “being”, love, and compassion, which longs to shine on endlessly and effortlessly like the Sun. If the zodiac wheel represents the “whole,” then the 5th house Leo represents the heart of God and our creative, sexual and fertile fire.

I had a reader email me the other day asking me if I had changed the format of the Blog since I hadn’t been posting as much lately aside from the paid reports. I answered as honestly as I could, with Mars retrograde in my 9th- 10th houses in my Natal chart (4th in my Solar chart) this has been a phase of deep cleansing on a personal front.

Professionally my creative vision IS evolving as I evolve personally. But to what, I can’t say yet because I don’t fully know yet. I have never “defined” this Blog other than that it is a labor of love and when I’m low on energy I don’t “put out.” When I write [or most of what I do for that matter] it is from the heart or not at all. That much you can trust.

Late Friday in the US, a couple of hours after midnight in the UK and early Saturday in Australia the Sun sesquiquadrates Mars in Pisces. This can help us find the compassion in our hearts and pour it over burning wounds (yours and others) like a “balmy mist” that heals and soothes. This can also be a potently creative aspect, bringing an awareness of the depth of sheer potential available within a situation.

The Moon is still in Scorpio taking us through a deeper release of painful emotions. It enters Sagittarius soon after the Sun-Mars aspect suggesting there can be hope after the healing.

Indeed things should begin to heat up distinctly over the weekend as Venus enters Aries and trines Mars on Sunday at 2:15 PM EST, followed by Mercury’s conjunction to Jupiter at 8:45 PM. Relationships are definitely highlighted and with Mars ready to station direct, as Venus squares Pluto next week, this is potent and powerful. We can have deeply healing conversations at this time within romantic, emotional and financial situations that allow us to get to the heart and soul of a matter. This is releasing core creative and sexual passion, re-igniting sparks as we see a new way forward. Be bold and honest as you venture forward.

Even within seemingly “random” moments be open. You never know when a “lucky” piece of information floats your way; it could be the answer to your prayers. Lay down those defenses and open your heart to the beauty and divine pleasure of the present — it is a gift. With the Moon in Sagittarius at this time, find your sense of optimism. There’s a soulful truth coming to light, which has the potential to fill us with great hope for the future, in spite of all that has seemed so uncertain lately.

Enjoy your weekend; I’ll be back with the Weekly Horoscopes tomorrow and then the Blog on Monday. Bye for now and Carpe diem.

With Love, passion and compassion,

Priya Kale, NYC


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Excerpt from Painted Soul: “Compassion: the Heart of God”

“During times like these, times when we are losing income, jobs, homes, and sanity, we need to find each other (and ourselves) in gentleness and truth.  And in meeting each other as humans, with faith in God, we can stave off the effects of the modern-day trinity (that if greed, fear, and panic) with a single response: compassion.

“Compassion is the foundation of any authentic spirituality.  Compassion gives birth to humility (coming from the word meaning ‘earth’) and in humility we find the place where can meet in compassion: as human beings.
Humility is not about humiliation or mockery, humility is simply knowing from where we came and to Whom we belong…and that is, we belong to God.  Knowing this truth, compassion becomes a compelling divine command.  Compassion is the bridge of friendship, service and prayer.

“Compassion is a misunderstood word; far too often is confused with empathy, sympathy, and pity. Empathy is anintellectual identification with another’s experiences. Sympathy is harmony of and/or agreement in feeling between people. Pity is kindly sorrow evoked by seeing the suffering or distress of another. But compassion is something quite different. Compassion comes from two Latin words meaning ‘suffering with.’

“Compassion is more than intellectually identifying with someone’s pain or humanity; it is more than finding harmony or agreement with another; and it is far more than seeing the suffering of another.

“No, compassion is one of the hardest things for us to do and be, for compassion calls us to enter deeply into the pain and suffering of another without necessarily trying to fix it or take it away. The desire to fix, cure, or heal may be present in compassion, but true compassion is like seeing a friend who has lost everything, and you simply sit down next to them…and be deeply and intimately with them in their pain, which in some ways makes it your own.

“Compassion is saying to another (and even to one’s self) ‘I am here with you.  I don’t know what to say or do, I don’t even know if there is anything I can do, but I want you to know I AM here with you, and I will not leave you.’

“God does the same to us…meets us where we are, in compassion.  For Jesus said it best, ‘Fear not for I am always with you.'” — Niles Comer, Compassion: the Heart of God, www.paintedsoul.org/blog

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