Weekend Astrology : Mercury stations retrograde | Venus sesquiquadrates Pluto and sextiles Jupiter | Chiron squares Juno

Welcome to the weekend!

I hope you got to see the triple conjunction of the Moon Venus and Mercury in the sky over the past two days. I didn’t but I heard it was a beautiful sight. As I write this the Moon is in the final degrees of Taurus before she ingresses Gemini for the weekend. With Mercury stationary at the moment communication may certainly seem stuck.

Mercury stations retrograde [just before midnight on Saturday in the US and on Sunday in UK and Australia.] It will station direct again on May 11, 2010 and will be out of shadow phase only on May 28, 2010 when it will move past the point it occupies tomorrow. So the conversations we are having now are part of a greater process of negotiations, which will be through only by the end of May.

There is important information due to surface over the course of the weekend. On Saturday, Chiron in squares Juno in Taurus marking an important turning point, if we become aware of the wounds that prevent and isolate us from experiencing deeper commitments within partnerships. Avoid projection and recognize your own insecurities, needs for acceptance, loyalty as well as stability and find a way to communicate.

Also with Venus making aspects to Pluto and Jupiter over the weekend relationships and financial situations are  highlighted. This energy is rather sensual, sexual, alchemical, creative and seductive so be open to pleasure and dare to dive in.

When it comes to relationships and financial situations we are not as stuck as we may fear. The Venus-Pluto aspect occurs on Saturday and is a deeply transformative one. It could be something that pierces straight through the heart and soul. If we can let go of the past, there could be tangible, physical, sensual treasures to be mined.

What matters is not so much how something looks on the outside, but its true value on the inside. This is true of relationships, as well as material things. With the retrograde we will be retracing steps with important conversations and agreements over the coming weeks; recognize a diamond in the rough.

Shortly after the Venus-Pluto aspect on Saturday, Venus sextiles Jupiter (late Saturday evening in the US, overnight and early Sunday in the UK and Australia) opening a lush, fertile space. Be wise, hopeful, inspired, imaginative, creative with your resources and you may be surprised with what you can accomplish.

When it comes to love and emotional matters, the stars are truly offering us a chance to swirl in the ecstasy of it all as time stands still. As long as we don’t get stuck on opinions and let the hearts do the talking, (and listening) we could learn something valuable.

I will be back over the weekend with horoscopes for next week, in the meanwhile please read the current horoscopes for the week of Apr. 11 – Apr. 18, 2010 in the post below.

As one of my favorite song goes, “Have a little faith, there’s magic in the night…”

With love,

Priya Kale


As a standard warning, there can be a tendency for over indulgence and if you’re out for the weekend, make sure you keep your phone and wallet where you can find it.


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