Weekend Astrology… Sun ingresses Sagittarius and more…

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch your breath over the past couple of days, because things are moving into high gear. There’s an interesting set of alignments in the sky this weekend with the energy definitely shifting towards tangible proof of having something to hope for and work towards.

With the heavy Scorpio energy the past few weeks, its been a time for confronting deeply personal issues in a spirit of letting go. Issues surrounding our finances, emotional commitments, intimacy, sexuality have been the focus. But Scorpio is a sign that promises soul transformation; where we’ve been willing to dive deep we’re likely to have found pearls of wisdom.

Sagittarius is the sign that represents spirituality, God and the divine. After having faced our own mortality and darkness in Scorpio, now we’re left with an essence of something real, eternal that resonates with a higher truth. As the Sun passes through this sign, we are going to have to be honest about what this recent phase has taught us. Be it a personal ambition or your depth of commitment to someone or something, this is a second chance at life, a re-birth based on a soul truth, not pretense. There is a way now to manifest our dreams into reality; if we can leave behind our fears, we can truly go for gold; this is the message of the solid trine between Jupiter and Saturn that exacts its aspect today.

Both planets will also trine Sedna in Taurus forming a grand earth trine at this time. Sedna is a minor planet whose energy is one that asks us to dig deep and find a way to ‘keep our heart open in hell.’ In Taurus this has been a time to go past the pain and find the real value in something, be it an emotional or financial situation. The aspects suggest much solidity and stability can now be found if we are true to our passion and heart.

Also, Eros in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter and Saturn forming a kite to the earth trine and also is in a grand water trine with Uranus in Pisces and Varuna in Cancer opening up a flow of deeply erotic, emotional and passionate energy. Combined with the earth trine, we have a picture of fertility. Any efforts we make to go ‘deeper’ are stabilizing a situation making it more than likely for something to bear solid fruit. If we been sincere, in putting in the effort required, the aspects are likely to bring a tangible proof of the emotional and financial support available.

But Eros and Sedna opposing each other in Scorpio and Taurus are telling the real story I feel. As they both make kite aspects to the trines, this is the crucial balance we need to find. Eros astrologically represents that which we feel a passion for, what gives us reason to live and love and in opposition to Sedna, this may suggest we are dealing with deep emotional scars. How does one dare to love again after having been hurt so deeply? There is definitely a feeling of having burned one too many times, but this is not a time for licking old wounds.

Neptune forms a T-square to these planets in Aquarius and is likely to cast a hazy spell if we remain in denial of our feelings. When there is a T-square aspect we look to the sign with the ‘missing’ planet to offer a balancing point. If things feel too confusing and laden with too many conflicting opinions, it is important to look at what the heart wants. Leo is bold and willing to take a risk. Can one deny love when it happens? Or risk not taking a chance on something that makes the heart quiver with excitement? With the stability and almost luscious energy available to us right now, we’d be fools not to take a chance. At best we could be on the road to manifesting dreams; if not at least we can get closure and be free to give our energy to something that gives back.

On Saturday Pallas in Gemini opposes Psyche is Sagittarius asking us to lay down the defenses and let go of the sense of any wounding that tells you you are less than a divine being. Psyche is Sagittarius may be pointing to deeper trust issues that we need to address. Seek and trust in the higher wisdom coming through. If we can be honest about where we hurt and be willing to talk about it without getting defensive we may yet find this crucial balance that frees us from false perceptions, assumptions and half truths that stand in the way of true healing.

Now comes the leap of faith… Remember the Sun moves out of Scorpio today and into Sagittarius suggesting a renewal of spirit. Mercury will also enter Sagittarius on Sunday, opening the door for more honest communication, where up until now we’ve had to rely on instincts to navigate through the hidden messages. With personal planets Mars, Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius, as well as the other solid alignments in the sky, hope and optimism are on the rise.

With the Moon moving into Libra late Friday we are ending the week on the right note. We are likely going to be focused on our relationships and social activities over the weekend. Let go of the critical Virgo Moon tendencies at the end of the work day and get ready to relate as equals.

We are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel but for that we also have to be willing to leave the shadows behind…


On a another note I was at the MOMA yesterday at the Van Gogh exhibit, which was needless to say breathtaking. He was a man after my own heart; he loved the stillness of the night and the stars as much as I do. His deeply spiritual sensitivity was as apparent in his paintings as it was in the many letters to friends and his brothers over the years. He often highlighted pieces of poetry that moved him, and here is the last verse from a poem called ‘Evening for Louis Cabat’ (at least I think that’s what it was – I wrote it in a haste, over crowded shoulders.) It moved me deeply so I thought I’d share…

“It is nothing and everything, seeing you,

Poor little ditch that moves me so deeply,

I forget my heartaches and dreams of Italy,

And I feel better and bless destiny”

I hope you have a good weekend and I will be back here on Monday…

With love,



The picture is me with another one of my favorites, Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’ taken by my friend Kevin.


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