Weekend astrology: Sun squares Pluto, Mercury and Mars trine Neptune

“I am a human ‘be-ing’ not a human ‘doing’ or a human ‘thinking.'” — Deepak Chopra

As I write this the Moon is in Taurus just past her conjunction to Vesta; forming an earthy grand trine to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn and Virgo respectively. She remains in Taurus until late Friday night in New York and enters Gemini in time for the weekend. There were no major aspects in the sky yesterday and we get another days respite helping us find the ground beneath after the recent Full Moon and it’s aftershocks.

Expect to a lot more activity and intensity as the weekend approaches. Both Mercury and Mars complete their trine to Neptune (following Venus earlier this week) late Friday and and Sunday respectively on the east coast in the US. Also on Saturday the Sun in Virgo squares Pluto in Sagittarius.

Use the time with the Moon in Taurus to just deeply ground yourself. A lot has come to the surface over the past few days since the Full Moon. Globally and personally, life is quickening and it’s impossible not to feel it. Changes seem to be happening faster than we can see, surreal opportunities almost. That’s a word that I have found myself repeating and hearing repeated a lot lately.

Uranus conjunct the Full Moon has disintegrated our boundaries in a way we could have never seen coming. Complete turnarounds, leaving us wondering whether we know what to believe anymore. Again I revert to the Taurus Moon, use your reflections from the yesterday and today to guide you in your communications and decisions over the weekend. Here the Moon is exalted and helping us make decisions based on truth and gut inner instincts, not fear. As the Moon moves into Gemini we can find words to the deep emotions that may have arisen, that we are still in the midst of absorbing.

Venus trining Neptune was a picture of heaven sent beauty. Hopefully you were able to find in the midst of all the chaos, a vision in your heart that was inspiring and pulling you forward. Now over the weekend as Mercury and Mars trine Neptue, its time to start manifesting. Mercury will also turn retrograde next week on the Sep. 24 and will trine Neptune two more times on Sep. 28 and Oct. 30, 2008, suggesting we are in a longer process of refining a truly altruistic vision and we can expect to be having these conversations over.

Although at this point there is also a call for action and a leap of faith, trusting the vision you already have. Just prepare and expect to be flexible in your negotiations. These can also be deeply inspirational aspects and anything you can do express yourself creatively will most likely provide a tremendous release of energy; potentially producing something quite divine or a brainwave of an idea.

These are also highly intuitive aspects and again, with the Moon in Gemini communication is a major theme. We could almost expect communication to be psychic on some level, but for best results I would suggest we talk the talk and walk the walk. A soulful conversation might just be the turning point allowing us to take that huge leap of faith.

Saturday night the Sun squares Pluto suggesting a huge turning point. Also at this time the Moon will be in a tight opposition to Gemini with Uranus in Pisces completing a mutable grand cross. This is a lot of nervous energy, but in mutable signs reflecting the state of transition we find ourselves in. Mutable signs are found on the cusp of seasons changing, giving us a symbolic view of what is truly going on.

We are now at the culmination point of an era, forcing us to resolve and leave behind nervous energy and self-limiting doubts while aspiring towards a higher truth with the optimism of Sagittarius. Of course there needs to sincerity in action as suggested by Virgo and faith in the horizons now opening up before our eyes. Pluto asks for a complete surrender and this may involve a difficult letting go process. But look at what it is you are losing? Avoid being too self critical at this time, squares bring internal pressure but also provide a great release.

Something seems to have disappeared along with the recent Full Moon, likely walls we’ve been building around ourselves. This is nothing short of the final leap of faith but it seems this is a decision we’ve already been through on other levels. As the personal planets squared Pluto over the past few weeks, we’ve been through layers of processing this on an intellectual, emotional and perhaps on compellingly dangerous level of confrontation of our fears.

You know what needs to be done, but expect the feeling of being on the edge to linger on. The best thing we can do under these aspects is recognize the potential for true magic to happen. Its almost as if for a brief moment in time the forces of fantasy and reality are fusing together in way that can allow us to lovingly bend it. For those caught up in delusions and denial — now is really not the time, is all I can say.

Relationships are most certainly in focus although it may feel like there are some important internal conflicts that seemed to be standing in the way. Find your fears and give them a voice, I assure you communication as whacky as it has been lately is finally converging to a point where we could start to make some coherent sense of whats going on.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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