Weekend Astrology: Venus conjunct Ceres in Scorpio, Sun enters Sagittarius

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It’s been quite the surge of energy over the past few days — drenched in passion. The T-square between Venus, Mars and Nessus has brought a need for deeper inspection of values within our deepest financial and sexual relationships. It may have surfaced deeper insecurities and darker emotions that need to be transformed if there is to be healing and resurrection.

There may be a fear that if someone knew how we truly felt they would have power over us and manipulate us. But at some point there has to a deeper trust that surfaces allowing us to let another in. This is the transformation that happens from a meeting of two souls. But this will mean rising over one’s own pain, past hurt and suspicion. In reality no one can have power over us, unless we let them. It is often our own feelings we are afraid of.

Sunday she makes a powerful conjunction to Ceres. There may be a desire to want to fiercely protect someone or something.  Sexually there may be important boundaries to be drawn personally between being a lover or a mother — the aspect could call for tough love.

We can want to save someone from suffering. But there is wisdom in knowing you can’t heal another, [you can] only be supportive in their evolution. There could be issues surrounding the nurturing we’ve received, or the ways one has learned to ‘earn’ love or approval. Also it may be useful to look at your mother’s values around sexuality and how they consciously or subconsciously color your views and behavior in your relationships.

Right now it may all feel a little scary, like we are wading through unknown waters. As the Moon passes through Capricorn over the next couple of days this could be an adjustment process, reestablishing new rules in favor of ones that no longer work. These are the last few days of the Sun in Scorpio before it ingresses Sagittarius on Sunday. This should bring lighter energy and fresh hope on the horizon. For now work on releasing those personal demons.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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