Weekend Astrology | Venus in Scorpio, Cancer Moon ingresses Leo

Hello All,

It’s been a powerful Full Moon and the energy has been dense and intense to say the least. It feels like a while since I’ve been here at the blog. It’s taken me a while to settle back into life here in NYC, but the Taurus Full Moon and recent days have been grounding bringing me back to present reality. Hope the energy has been similarly centering for you in the midst of all the swirling changes…

Yesterday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio likely brought deeply revealing conversations. Also with Neptune stationing direct at this time, there may have been heightened psychic visions, activity with deep intuition and knowing. There may also now be a feeling of dreams coming true — but this can be a scary thing.

As Niles said to me yesterday [only half-jokingly if at all I suspect but with deep wisdom, speaking the astrology as he often does] “A nightmare, is only a dream come true.” The recent astrology may have brought us in deep awareness of our fantasies and fears. It can always be unnerving when faced with the reality of something, even when we have long or idly fantasized about something.

But often the monsters in our head are worse than anything reality can conjure up. Reality is scary because then we have to work with it, it is nothing but the ethereal and divine, manifest into form. But the current astrology suggests, if we can be honest with ourselves while consciously making choices based on a soul truth we cannot go “wrong.” Trust the inner knowing, not the voices of fear and death and you could open yourself to magic.

It’s Friday afternoon as I write this and the Moon is in early Cancer. Tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 7, 2009 at 7:23 PM EST Venus enters Scorpio; at this time the Moon will be just past her conjunction to the South Node. There can be a rather wobbly feeling, that we may drown especially surrounding emotional and financial situations. But the energy is taking us to the brink of release and surrender of fear. Be willing to confront the depth of your own feelings and insecurities as much as possible.

Venus in Scorpio can be extremely sexual energy but it also speaks about our financial situations where we it involves others. The Moon in Cancer is highlighting “mother issues” and needs for emotional and financial security and how we at times substitute one for the other. Where do we draw the line between being/needing a lover or a mother? Where do our more unconscious patterns, behaviors and values surrounding sex and money come from?

Over the next few weeks the Venus’ transit through Scorpio is likely to be an alchemical journey of the heart. Purging demons and past wounds to discover the golden essence of love that can never be destroyed. When it comes to financial issues, this is related to our involvements with others. It is our ability to merge resources with others on a conscious level, that will bring mutual prosperity.

Early Sunday morning at 5:22 AM EST, the Moon enters Leo and squares Venus in Scorpio shortly after her ingress. This can be a rather passionate, creative, sexual energy setting aflame desire if we are honest enough to admit it and bold enough to surrender to it. Financially as well this is a turning point asking us to have more self-confidence in our own ability to resurrect even from something that feels like the end of the road. Inner faith and courage will be the key.

But there is also a larger picture unfolding. With Saturn having moved into Libra, it’s a different era. The Saturn-Pluto square on Nov. 15 the day before the Scorpio New Moon is likely to be a defining moment; grounding the change that seems to be all up in the air right now. We are having to stand up to our truth. Taking responsibility for our actions and reclaiming power and authority within relationships and situations. Squares are powerful aspects, they create tension but also bring us to a turning point.

What feels so intense at the moment, especially in situations where we feel powerless — that is exactly where stability can be restored if we are willing to make conscious changes. Whether the evolution comes from inside out or external circumstances force us to the point of change. Trust this is leading us to a place where there can be greater stability, even if right now the challenges seem monumental.

I’ll be back with the weekly horoscopes tomorrow, in the meanwhile here’s wishing you a passionate weekend…




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