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Welcome to September!

Early Friday (in NYC), Mercury made an interior conjunction to the Sun in Virgo, asking for introspection if we want to gain insight. There are deeper processes coming to light, and it would be easy to find fault with a situation or look to place blame, shame, or guilt.

Saturn has finally entered Libra after a challenging two-year phase through Virgo. During this time it also formed a series of oppositions to Uranus in Pisces, rocking the boat wildly within situations.

Now, Saturn is in Libra and the pressure’s off, but with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, we are still highly sensitive to this energy. It may be hard to “believe” that we don’t face the same restrictions we once did or that anything can change.

As we approach the New Moon this week and Mercury stations direct at the end of the week, there is every reason to believe that things can and will get better. There is nothing so wrong that cannot be “fixed.” Forgive yourself and others for what may have gone wrong in the past, and focus on the constructive steps you can take.

Trust that this has been a crucial learning process. Only in recognizing and acknowledging our “mistakes” can we learn, evolve, and grow as human beings.

On Saturday as I write this, the Moon is currently in late Cancer and enters Leo early tomorrow. Also over the weekend, Venus in Libra trines Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius.

This can be a potently healing aspect for relationships, allowing us to let go of resentments and clear the air with honest conversation. Be compassionate, and keep things light and breezy. The aspect could help us appreciate the beauty in our differences while still connecting on a heart, mind, and soul level.

With the Moon drifting from Cancer to Leo, the mood is likely to shift from emotional to passionate. What we seek ultimately is freedom, acceptance to be ourselves, and to be loved for who we are. But this means offering the same space and respect to another.

Socially, things are buzzing. Spend time with friends, breathe in inspiration and beauty, laugh, indulge in what uplifts your heart and spirit. After all the recent intensity, this should be a breath of fresh air.

Here’s wishing you a fun weekend!

With Love,



I was on the BSFollmer show again last night with Scott and Jeniffer, recording the coming week’s highlights. I’ll be back with a link to the podcast later this weekend, so please check back in.



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