Audio update and quick astro check…

NOTE for Audio Downloads: I accidently said, Hello Capricron instead of Libra in this week’s forecasts, but the forecast is STILL for LIBRA.

I am fixing the error, but if you are  Libra and don’t understand what happened to your forecast…. I messed up! Apologies! –p


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the week! This week’s Audio Forecasts for the 12 signs are ready for download. If you haven’t already subscribed, I suggest you give them a try, something quite magical happened this week and I have a good feeling about the forecasts. Here is my mailbag with feedback from subscribers. As always, the first week is free for first-time subscribers and you can cancel at anytime.

Also, I will be back a little later in the day with information on the 2009 Forecasts and details on how you can pre-order the in-depth horoscopes, which will be released in two-part installments (as of now, unless I get some other crazy idea and add on another mountain load of charts to the party) around the first week of January and then before the eclipse at the end of the month.

If you haven’t read the blog, I’ve written a little of this week’s astrology in “Winter’s Grace,” a couple of posts below this one so you can catch up there. This week though, we are nearing the Capricorn New Moon with many powerful alignments between the planets. Considering this is also festive season, we can expect a few more fireworks coming our way.

But with Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius there is a greater dream arising as a part of the collective consciousness. This is not some airy fairy far-off concept, but Aquarius suggests we truly go beyond the mind’s cage and reach for a truth that resonates in the heart and soul. Remember all fear is a product of the mind and the more we are able to release, the easier and quicker it will be to evolve to this next phase of Pluto in Capricorn.

I will be back later… but read on below for another poem of truth…




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