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Happy Birthday Taurus!

Sample Weekly Horoscope by Priya Kale, for the Week beginning Apr. 21, 2009




As you find the ground beneath your feet again, a dream you had long given up hope on seems to be finding its way back to you. This may be a relationship or your gift of love to humanity at large; but you have the ability now to wash free of a past almost magically, if you can envision a more hopeful outcome. Draw on your deepest strength and allow the wisdom welling in your heart to fuel you with gentle strength. A New Moon in your sign and powerful Mars-Venus conjunction suggest you stand in a creative, passionate, fertile moment of possibility aligning you deep with the heart of an infinite cosmos. Use inspiration, imagination and a sense of infinite potential to guide you forward with its natural tide. If you dip your toes, you’ll see the waters are a lot warmer than you last remember. And you well know, everything that is real in your life once began with a dream in your heart.

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