Weekly Horoscopes and Scorpio Moon reaches Last Quarter

Dear Subscribers, Friends and Readers,

This weeks horoscopes are now available for download at the Download Page. For those who have yet to try this service – these weekly horoscopes are part of the subscriber service or as a one time purchase for $2.49.

As I mentioned the last time, the Horoscopes are no longer in the audio format – but can be downloaded as a PDF file. I do hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to your feedback as I continue to make changes to improve the service.

For now there are no major aspects in the sky today. The Moon is still in Scorpio and reaches its last quarter today before it ingresses Sagittarius, Monday night at about 9:40 PM UT. We are turning a corner from the past few days of deep release… there is hope on the horizon if you haven’t felt it already.

On a personal front, its been a hectic week since I’ve been here and it feels a little more like eternity. Today is the last day of my mother’s exhibition so I will be running off as soon as I finish this post to the Art Gallery. Starting tomorrow I can breathe a little and fill you in on my adventures here…

More soon,


Priya, Mumbai

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