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Dear Subscribers and Readers,

This weeks horoscopes are now available on the site for download. I do apologize for the delay but it has been a little hard trying to get internet access here in Ratnagiri. I’m sitting now in my hotel lobby where the WiFi is finally working again, staring at the sea and cliffs in front of me.

Yesterday, I went to a visit to one of the largest fish meat packing factory here in India (fishing is still one of the main industries of this region) and visited a fishing village and the docks at sunset just as the boats came in with huge catches of shell fish. I thought it was a marvellous manifestation of the astrological energy, with the Sun in Pisces (sign of the fish) and Saturn in Virgo learning about the industry. This factory is also the only one to be working with clean carbon laws and with minimal waste products so it was a fascinating experience.,

Ratnagiri, is also famous for it’s mangos — especially the Alphonso mango also known as the ‘King of Mangos.’ If you haven’t tried one then you will know why, once you do — it’s worth visiting India in May (mango season) just for that. So today I hope to be able to go see a mango orchard somewhere. Of course I have been taking pictures and I wish I could have them up on the site, downloading them to my computer hasn’t been the easiest task but I will get to them along with the many others I have promised.

A quick check in with the astrology — we are heading towards a very powerful Full Moon in Virgo which is also triggering the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo and Pisces. Also at this time Mercury sextiles Pluto and retrograde Venus in Aries will sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. I will be back a little later with the Full Moon report — but this is a time where honesty, faith, creativity and imagination could move mountains…

More soon —

Priya Kale, Ratnagiri, India.

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