When time stood still…: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces; Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio



In the hills of mystery
In the foggy web of destiny
You can have what’s left of me
Where we were born in time

— Born In Time, Bob Dylan
Over the past few days there has been a feeling of time standing still, being suspended in a moment of eternity; bringing magical, surreal, deep soulful experiences and intuitive messages to the surface at best. But there has also been plenty of room for confusion, projection, denial and misunderstandings.

On Thursday the Sun made a conjunction to Neptune, Saturn stationed retrograde on Wednesday and Mercury is currently stationary, preparing to station retrograde in just a few hours of my opting this blog — at 3:11 PM INT; 9:41 AM GMT; 4:41 AM EDT.

Now the sands of time are turning as Mercury and Saturn begin their backward journey through the sky. Mercury will be retrograde until March 18, 2013 when it stations direct at the point it was on Feb. 9, 2013.

Look back to what was occurring around the time of Feb. 9, 2013 when Mercury first entered shadow. We are recovering territory and conversations we’ve been having since then.

Mercury retrograde phases often bring back people from our past, or past relationships. As much as there may have been confusion lately, during the retrograde we have the chance to clear up important misunderstandings. Be willing to dive deep to recognize the subtleties involved in a situation rather than try to expect things to be black and white.

Trying to pin down the truth in a Mercury storm like this one feels like trying to catch a slippery fish. Life is not black and white, and neither is truth. There are infinite shades of the rainbow in between. And the more we understand this we can begin to a experience and see a more transcendent reality. Encourage transparency then you can form clearer arrangements and agreements with others.

Meanwhile Saturn is now retrograde in Scorpio and will move backward through the sign until July 8, 2013. Saturn is the ‘gatekeeper’, and ‘father time;’ he represents our earthly limitations, karma and what binds us to the material world.

Saturn is a teacher and brings life lessons. But where one is willing to humble oneself, one is bestowed with the strength and wisdom that only Saturn can bring. He asks that we overcome our essential nature — by recognizing and accepting it and our limitations. Only then we can transcend them and this earthly existence to realize one’s eternal spirit.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio is making us very aware of the weight of our commitments. This is an important process of inner restructuring, maturing, re-examining boundaries and inner obstacles, that prevent growth and progress, to discover true strength and resilience in the face of adversity. This is also a period of releasing inner blockages that prevent you from entering deeper levels of intimacy with another; allowing you to strengthen important relationships.

The house ruled by Scorpio in your chart, that’s the area of your life where you are experiencing this process of transformation. (You can cast a free chart at www.astro.com or contact me for a Saturn in Scorpio Consultation to understand what this transit means for you.)

Expect more information to surface in the coming days as we head to the Virgo Full Moon on Feb. 26, 2013. Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition and what you are picking up between the lines without projecting. If we can just relax, listen and absorb whats coming through there can be deep conversation and revelations leading to the clarity we seek.

With the Sun and a stellium of planets in Pisces at the time of the Full Moon, it can be easy to be too idealistic or romantic. There may even be the feeling of having met a soulmate or someone who touches and heals your heart deeply.

But be very clear on your fantasies then you will be in no danger of being disillusioned. Still the Virgo Moon is also a reminder to not be too critical or expect perfection from others. Also this Jupiter in Gemini squares this Full Moon suggesting there are likely huge, important choices to be made. Choose wisely based on your most optimistic vision.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience; and to err is human to forgive divine. Don’t expect perfection from others, but instead be willing to compassionate and forgiving and respond from your spiritual awareness and center.

I’ll be back with more astrology around the time of the Full Moon. In the meanwhile clear your mind, let the mud settle. Then you can see the divinity and humanity in you, reflected all around you, in all whom you meet…

— Priya Kale, Feb. 23, 2013 Goa, India.


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