Where are you going…?: Quarter Moon Check Point, Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, Waning Mars-Saturn square

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Where are you going?
Where do you go?

Are you looking for answers
To questions under the stars?
Well, if along the way
You are grown weary
You can rest with me until
A brighter day and you’re okay

Where Are You Going,  Dave Matthews Band

|| Shree ||


“It’s not about me. But it’s all about me…”

That’s what came through loud, clear and resoundingly as I fell asleep on Sunday night, before the Mars-Saturn square exacted early Monday. And it’s what’s been coming through all week.

Monday also marked Ganesh Chaturthi — the beginning of the Ganesh festival in India — Ganesh being the “Remover of Obstacles.” Here is an old Blog I wrote for Planet Waves a few years ago.

Now, although the Mars-Saturn square is waning, the energy is still spilling over. There’s also been a lot of drama, projection, power struggles with authority figures, perhaps even ego clashes.

But this has also been a learning opportunity, to reign oneself in and find self-confidence, inner strength, recognition of limits or where we need boundaries.

Even if you’ve been at the end of a vicious attack, projection or someone’s else’s anger or blame — how you choose to respond to it, is what matters.

It’s not about you, yet it’s all about you. You can take the bait and feed the drama, or you can rise to the occasion and be a mature adult, in awareness of your strength and power. Then you don’t need to lord it over another nor feel defensive.

“It’s all about me, my evolution and growth. But yet, nothing in this external world is really about me — people have their own roles to play and lessons to learn.” Saturn is about mastery, Mars in Leo calls for self-confidence, and the aspect really speaks of learning to be one’s own master, rather than try to control anything in the external.

We’re also at the Quarter Moon phase, as the Sagittarius Moon squares the Virgo Sun marking the half-way point between last weeks Virgo New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon next week. This is a check point: Where are you going?

If you feel you’ve bitten off more than you can chew or strayed off course, now is the time to make necessary course corrections or readjustments to a plan and get back on track. This is also a good time to expand your vision. It may require dedication, determination and devotion on your part but there is no reason why something can’t work even if it is difficult, as long as you have a realistic plan.

In September’s monthly overview I wrote: “On Sept. 9, 2013 Mercury enters Libra and transits through the sign until September 29, 2013. This is about the “art of negotiation,” allowing us to reach arrangements where is there a balance of power and a recognition of mutual needs.”

Also, Venus entered Scorpio yesterday on Sep. 11, 2013 and makes a conjunction to Saturn and the North Node next week. Venus last made a conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio on Nov. 26, 2012 — look back to what was unfolding at that time.

You’re coming full circle, stepping into your next stage of evolution. This aspect represents a threshold, gateway and milestone, it marks endings, beginnings and a new chapter for relationships and financial situations. With the presence of Saturn and the North Node, what unfolds now is shaping our future in ways that you may not even full realise. And the relationships we’re forming, or deepening now could very well have a 28-30 year cycle.

Things are getting serious, and the rules of the game are changing. But this energy is also deeply passionate, seductive, sexual, creative, lucrative and even romantic. Venus in Scorpio is deep stuff: be conscious of the value of what is being shared in your connections with others — be it sexual, emotional or material energy — then you can reevaluate your boundaries and invest your energy accordingly.

On the next day Sep. 19, 2013 the Pisces Full Moon exacts at 7:12 AM EDT at 26+ degrees of the Pisces-Virgo axis, followed by Pluto’s direct station on Sep. 20, 2013 foretelling a time of deep revelation followed by transformation.

This Full Moon and what spills over, could be the next big lie from the government or one’s own denial. But at best, this could be pure magic. Be very clear and conscious about your motivations then you can, see through others’ motives and perhaps even, be graced with a glimpse beyond the veil.

Read your September Cosmic Weather where I’ve described in the detail the energy of this Full Moon, the aspects surrounding it, Pluto’s direct station, Venus’ transit through Scorpio and her square to Mars at the end of the month — and what all this means for you, your relationships, finances and your future.

I’ll be back with more astrology and updates soon. In the meanwhile take care of yourself, keep a grip on reality and, then, dare to dream…



Kingston, NY, Sep. 12, 2013.


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