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Hello from a rainy Kingston,

The Grand Water Trine is in effect today as Jupiter in Cancer made an exact trine to Saturn in Scorpio, and the Pisces New Moon trines Saturn at 5:04 PM EDT and squares Mercury overnight at 2:25 AM EDT before it goes Void of Course until 12:01 PM EDT tomorrow when it enters Aries.

The energy today is creative, flowing, soft and dreamy as the Moon floats on through Pisces. And I just received a severe emergency flood warning for the area, on my cell phone — that has never happened. But this is the Grand Water Trine, an overflow of water energy — as above so below. Soak it in, let it flow. Soon it will be time for action.

Tomorrow and over the next couple of days, the Moon enters Aries, opposes Mars in Libra and triggers the Grand Cross, turning up the heat. Expect unexpected developments and perhaps unexpected sparks.

Meanwhile, Mars kept me awake all night with dreams, and voices, of everything I hadn’t said in the video I recorded two days ago. So I’ve recorded Part 2 of the Mars in Libra video, which I’m currently uploading, so do check back at here or at the link.

Also, if you haven’t signed up for the Jupiter in Leo webinar – here are the details at the link below. I will send you the link and details to the conference after you’ve signed up. And I hope to see/chat with you then.




Year of the Lion King… : Jupiter in Leo 2014 – 2015 – Webinar Details



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