Love, Passion, Karma…: Video – Mars in Libra, Relationships and Astrology




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So can you feel it? Mars is direct in Libra! This is a blast of passionate, fiery energy coming through. People have a short fuse, and a lot of pent up emotion, perhaps anger they’ve been suppressing and dealing with, that could get triggered with the slightest provocation.

It doesn’t have to get bloody. With awareness you can stay out of the cross fire, and break free of oppressive situations with minimum collateral damage — rather than having to blow the whole house down.

I’ve recorded a short video covering the transit – and as usual there is so much more that I wanted to say and is coming to me now as Mars moves forward. But I’m channeling this into the coming astrology reports and horoscopes, so you can read those soon.

In the meanwhile — if you haven’t yet read your Mars in Libra Horoscopes, (valid till end of July) or even if you have – it would help to read them again now as you move forward.

Video: Mars in Libra, Relationships & Karma


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