Happy Diwali…

I will be in Toronto as of now Oct. 15 – 18 and will be available for in-person Consultations during this time. Please contact me at the earliest to ensure an appointment. Also, I have some interest for a workshop during this time, but just trying to figure out the logistics. Please email me at priya@priyakale.com for details if you would be interested in attending.


Happy Diwali everyone,

Today marks the first day of this Hindu ‘festival of light.’ At this time we welcome and pray to Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, fortune, beauty and prosperity to bless our homes with abundance for the coming New Year which [if I’m not mistaken] coincides with the Libra New Moon. Lakshmi reminds us wealth is not just material, this implies using the intellect and paying attention to our spiritual wealth from which all abundance flows.

We can draw a parallel of her energy with that of Venus in Libra. Given that Venus squares Pluto today, this is a poignant suggestion of the turning point within financial situations. Also, on Friday Mars enters Leo and will remain in a close sextile to Venus, fanning flames of creativity and passion. Recognize the creative power of abundance that lies within, not in any external source. Yes we live in a material world, but there is far more magic around than meets the eye. God is not just in the mysterious. God is obvious.

This is truly a much lighter climate than the one we’ve been used to lately. But with the Moon in Virgo disappearing slowly in the sky as as it conjuncts Saturn at the end of the sign, things may feel intense and there may be an emotional hurdle to cross.

Saturn represents time in the earthly sense, emotionally there can be healing if we can let bygones be bygones. As we head towards the New Moon in Libra on Oct. 18, 2009 and Saturn enters the sign at the end of the month we are moving into a new phase of relating on an equal and honest level.

On a personal note, its my last night here in Penetang — at least for this time around. I cannot believe two months have gone by as quickly as they have. I will miss catching rainbows and laying in the sun by the lake with Adrien, baking midnight brownies with Chris and the all very Scorpio intense tea-time talks with Nadine, to say the least. But the love is eternal and I will carry it in my heart always.

I head to Toronto tomorrow, so will check in here once I settle in late Thursday or Friday… In the meanwhile I wish you all a very happy and joyous Diwali…



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